Maryland Swimming
Level 2


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You need to contact Coach John Beyer at [email protected] to schedule an evaluation for your swimmer to join the team.

Place: Edward T. Hall Aquatic Center, 130 Auto Drive Prince Frederick, MD 20678

Who: All new 6 to 11 years old swimmers who are able to comfortably float unassisted in the water, and 12 & older that can swim a 25 yards Freestyle with a good technique.

Minimum requirements to join CAC (6+ years old):

  • Swim a 25 yard freestyle.
  • Swim 12.5 yards Backstroke
  • Get in/out of the pool independently 
  • 12.5 yards Backstroke kick in streamline position
  • 12.5 Freestyle kick with and without a kick board, being comfortable with head under water

ExpectationSwimmers are required to have their swimsuit and goggles with them and be ready to swim. Coaches will evaluate each swimmer's ability based on age and swimming background.

Outcome: Swimmers will be evaluated and will begin training with the group the coach feels is in line with the ability demonstrated during the evaluation.  The parent or guardian will be given a form containing swim group assignment, registration information, and swim groups and fees information at the completion of the evaluation.They will be invited to register immediately and start practicing with the group assigned upon completion of registration.

Notice: CAC offers competitive, year round swim for those interested in competitive swimming. Some programs, however, are designed to offer the development of swimmers to prepare for competitive swim, or to provide supplemental workouts to enhance and improve overall physical and mental fitness to aid other activities.  All swim groups require participation in the form of involvement and support on the parent’s part. Coaches will be at each tryout to answer questions about training groups, fees, and the expectations of the swimmers. Some questions may be answered by looking in the Team Info section of this web site.

Questions: Contact Coach John at: [email protected]