Program Philosophy & Mission Statement

The Cardinal & Gold Aquatics swimming program seeks to provide a positive, safe, and enriching atmosphere in which athletes will augment both their physical and mental capabilities in the sport of swimming. While this program was originally designed to enhance the Calvert Hall College High School swimming program, swimmers of all genders and ability levels are welcome to join.

With an extenisve and robust coaching experience and over 75 years of competitive swimming and coaching experience in the modern swimming era, the coaching staff at CGA strives to provide swimmers with coaching techniques and strategies that reflect the changes in the science of the sport.
At CGA, swimmers will learn to work with the water, rather than work against it. Our athletes will approach each practice with that mindset, which will prepare them to further succeed in their summer leagues, high school leagues, and USS meets.
The CGA in-water training program is based on recognizing how one's own body responds to a work out. Variables such as heart rate, anaerobic vs. aerobic training, and muscle recovery are heavily monitored at each practice. Our younger athletes will learn the basics of these modern swimming techniques in a positive, fun, and nurturing environment.
For our older athletes, the CGA in-water training program is supplemented by a cross-training program that focuses on improving three of the most important parts of swimming – balance, core strength, and core stabilization.
Currently, CGA boasts a roster with ability levels that range from beginners to All-Americans. Our goal is to build up the foundation of this new program with people who share our vision of restoring a winning tradition to our community, doing so with pride, and achieving excellence in and out of the pool.