Swimmer Code of Conduct

EST’s Code of Conduct ensures every member of Eagle Swim Team represents the team and themselves in a positive manner.  The following Code is in effect throughout the year:

  1. EST team members exhibit good sportsmanship at all times.  EST team members win gracefully, lose graciously, and congratulate their opponents in either case.
  2. EST athletes are respectful of their peers, coaches, officials, parents, and facilities at all times.
  3. EST team members do not illegally consume or purchase alcohol, smoking or chewing tobacco, or use any other illegal drug or USOC banned substance of any kind.  In addition, any team member found or suspected to be in the presence of others (regardless of team affiliation) participating in any of the above illegal activities will be subject to the same punishments and potential expulsion from EST.
  4. The use of audio or visual recording, including a cell phone camera, is not allowed in changing areas, restrooms, or locker rooms at any time.


EST’s disciplinary procedures will apply to any team member violating the Swimmer Code of Conduct.