Coach Cheryl Awarded Honorary USA Swimming Lifetime Membership

2019 USAS Convention, St. Louis, MO

Coach Cheryl, Wade Adkins (USA Official and long standing member of FAST) and 4 of our own FAST Senior Swimmers attended the USA National Swimming Convention on September 10-15th.

Several topics of interest including:  Safe Sport, Diversity and Inclusion, Anti Doping, and Hiring Certified Trainers for Drylands vs. Swim Coaches were covered during the week. Coach Cheryl is excited about bringing what she has learned to our Team to enhance coaching and continue to provide a safe place for our swimmers. 

There are only 66 out of the 3660 Teams that are currently Safe Sport Recognized. We are proud to be one of the 66: the 1st Swim Team in Maryland!

FAST had 4 of the 10 Athletes from MD swimming in attendance. Kameron Conley, Kylie Kelly, Julia Milner and Joey Pieklo represented our Team. Kameron and Kylie were 2 of the 4 Maryland National Committee Athletes. FAST also had 2 of the 6 of the Maryland Athlete Delegation. These are exciting opportunities for our athletes to learn and be involved at the State and National level.

Certainly a highlight of the week was having our very own Coach Cheryl Linscott be awarded with a Lifetime Membership by the President of USA Swimming. There were approximately 20 awarded this year, only 2 in Maryland.

Congratulations, Coach Cheryl!