Winter 2019 - 2020 Registration is Now Open!


The Frederick Area Swim Team (FAST) offers United States Swimming (USS) competitive swimming  training for athletes of all ages and ability levels, including the new Learn to Swim Lessons Program. It is the goal of FAST to offer age specific training for all our athletes that is geared towards challenging and developing individuals to the best of their abilities. Swim meet competition starts in November and ends with Championships in March. The FAST Staff has 18 experienced and certified  swim coaches and a certified strength and conditioning coach.

On the first day of practice, the coaches will evaluate each swimmer and determine how to place them.  There are three options:  1) swim lessons, 2) the pre-competitive team, and 3) the regular team.  We do have a two-week trial period once the season starts.  If for any reason you decide the team is not a good fit for your swimmer, you can back out before the two-week period ends and get a full refund.  After the first two weeks, you are committed for the full season. 

There are several fees associated with the Winter Season:

  1. Swimming Dues:  These are the main fees associated with being on the team.  Dues cover the majority of the costs needed to run the team.  The Dues for Seniors (13-19- year olds) are $1,575, for Cadets (9-12 year-olds) $1,260, for Tykes (8 and under) $945, and for Pre-Comps $210.  The dues can be paid in full by October 31st to receive a $50 discount or you may pay the due over six equal monthly installments beginning October 1st. All 8 and unders will initially be registered as Tykes.  If at the first day of practice, the coaches determine the swimmer belong in the Pre-Comp program or swim lessons, FAST will credit back the Volunteer Fee and the USS Registration Fee.  Pre-Comps will be responsible for a $10 insurance fee.   
  2. Membership Fee:  Each family is required to pay a $175 Membership Fee for one swimmer, $225 for two swimmers, and $275 for three or more swimmers.  To fulfill this requirement, you may earn rebate dollars through the SCRIP program, become an official, participate in a board-approved fundraiser, or other board approved activities. Any remaining membership fee balance will automatically be billed to your account on April 1st.
  3. Volunteer Fee:  Each family will be charged a $100 Volunteer Fee upon registration.  If the family signs up for and completes eight hours of volunteering for the team, the $100 fee will be refunded.
  4. Meet Entries:  There is typically a $4-6 charge for each event your swimmer signs up for.  These fees go to the team that is hosting the meet and covers the cost of running it.
  5. USA Swimming Registration Fee:  There is an $88 USS Swimming Registration Fee.  This goes straight to USA Swimming.
  6. New Family Fee:  If you are new to FAST, there is one-time $25 New Family Fee to cover the various costs of getting the swimmer established. 



Swimmers ages 8 & under (Check Calendar)

Tuesday 6:00-7:00 pm  Middletown HS

Wednesday 5:00-6:00 pm Middletown HS

Friday 5:00-6:00 pm Walkersville HS

Sunday 5:45-6:45 pm Onelife Fitness

Precompetitive Swimmers (Check Calendar)

Tuesday 6:00-6:45 pm Middletown HS

Wednesday 5:00-5:45 PM Middletown HS

Swimmers ages 9-12 ( Check Calendar)

Monday 6:00 -7:15 pm Middletown HS

Tuesday 9 & 10 year olds Tuesdays 7:00-8:00 pm Onelife Fitness

Wednesday 6:00 -7:15 pm Middletown HS

Thursday 6:00-7:15 pm Middletown HS

Friday  6:00 -7:15 pm Walkersville HS

Sunday 11-12 year olds 6:45-8:00 pm Onelife Fitness

Swimmers ages 13-18 ( Check Calendar)

Monday, Wednesday Friday 5:00-6:30 am Walkersville HS

Monday , Wednesday 7:15-8:45 pm Middletown  HS

Tuesday, Thursday 7:15-8:45 pm Middletown HS

Saturday 8:00-10:00 am Walkersville HS



Ages determined by swimmers age as of December 1, 2019.