Fox Swim Club offers training and practice groups for swimmers of all ages and ability levels. It is the goal of the Fox Swim Club to offer age-specific training for all of our athletes geared towards challenging each individual and developing each stroke to the best of their abilities.  All swimmers are expected to participate in competitions in order for coaches to evaluate progress.
Following is the 2022-2023 Pricing Structure.  This year there will be no discounts available for early payment or multiple swimmers.  At the time of registration, you will be charged the $100 registration fee (Mount Airy will have an additional $300 non-member fee for those families not members of Health Unlimited).   All swimmers will be enrolled in the monthly installment program.  All registering swimmers will be obligated to participate/pay through the end of July 2023.    
Fox Swim Club reserves the right to change the practice times.  Depending on registration numbers, it may become necessary for families to declare what nights they will be attending practices.   Prices do not include any meet fees,  the team registration fee, $100 family meet management fee for the season (this can be eliminated through volunteering at team meets and functions), and $100 per swimmer fund-raising fee (this can be eliminated by participating in team fund-raising opportunities). The meet management is a FAMILY fee and is not charged per swimmer.  The fundraising fee is a Per Swimmer Fee and is charged for each team member.  The registration fee covers USA Swimming Fee and helps to pay for team equipment.


National Training Group*  

$325 per month (installment plan + fundraising obligation)

Gold Training Group**

$295 (installment plan + fundraising obligation)

Silver Training Group**

$225 (installment plan + fundraising obligation)

Red & Gray Training Groups**

$190 (installment plan + fundraising obligation)

Arctic Training Groups**

$180 (installment plan + fundraising obligation)

Kit, Cape & Swift Training Groups

$160  (installment plan + fundraising obligation)   

Fennec Training Group

$145  (installment plan + fundraising obligation)  


*National Training Group will have 2-3 personal training sessions at The Warehouse that are included in the tuition cost.

**Gold, Silver, Red, and Gray groups will be offered 1-2 Fitness Strength & Conditioning Program at The Warehouse that is included in the tuition cost.