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A Great Freestyle Catch
By Wayne Goldsmith

Basically, a great freestyle stroke is one where:

• You reach out in front of your shoulders as if you’re reaching to the end of the pool you are swimming towards; 
• You keep your fingers and hands soft but your wrist strong, to allow you to feel the water as you enter it;
• You catch early to ensure a long stroke is possible;
• You pull straight through – i.e. your hand maintains a relatively straight path from entry to exit;
• You recover (anytime your arms are moving forward in swimming is called recovery) with relaxation and control;
• You maintain a ‘fingers, wrist, elbow’ arm position throughout your stroke.
As for all the stuff about pressure differentials and elongated S pull patterns, they belong at the bottom of the pool – a very deep pool. Keep it simple.
The five steps in swimming: place, pressure, power, pull, promote
Try to think of the process of putting together a great freestyle stoke by using the five Ps:
• Place (reach) – your hands towards the end of the pool that you are swimming towards.
• Pressure (feel) – keep your fingers and hands soft as you feel the water and begin to apply pressure to the water.
• Power (catch) – once you feel pressure on the palm of your hand and wrist, bend your arm so that you have the following three points: one, your fingers are pointing to the bottom of the pool; two, your (bent) elbow is pointing to the side of the pool; three, your palm is pointing to the end of the pool you are swimming away from.
• Pull (pull) – pull smoothly and with increasing speed (accelerate your hand);
• Promote (recover) – relax your arm and move it forward to “place” it again.


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