YCM Blue Crab's Job Board


Thank you for your interest in coaching at YCM. We have 6 pools that we train at during the short course season (Sept.-March). Through the summer months we are looking to hire several coaches to train and prepare for what we believe will be a return to normal swim season in the fall. After the last 2 season we are ready to see our centers return to regular numbers and as such will need to grow our coaching family. Currently we are looking to fill some key roles:

Head Coach - The head coach will be the voice of the swim team and help develop the culture and character of their center. Some of the responsibilities of this full time position are to manage their coaching staff, set practice groups, monitor swimmer progress, select swimmer’s events for meets and handle day to day operations. Currently we are looking for 2 dedicated Head Coaches, one at the Catonsville Y and the other at the Orokawa Family Y in Towson.

Team Admin - The Team Admin will work along side the Director of Competitive Swimming and Head Coaches with the dry side of swim team. Major duties include team communications, working with customer service on swim team memberships and running swim meets. The team admin will need to be a member of USA Swimming, certified meet director and admin official. This position will start off part time on the Swim Coach 2 pay scale, but can become full time as YCM resumes at full capacity.

Swim Coach 2 - These age groups coaches will be needed at almost all the centers we train in. We are looking for experienced and energetic coaches that would like to help develop young people into the best versions of themselves. These practice coaches will be responsible of managing and running practices, and helping at meets their swimmer attend.

Swim Coach 1 - The role of a Swim Coach 1 or junior coach is to support the practice coaches and HC throughout the season. Typically these coaches are current High School swimmers that are looking to give back to the program that developed them while getting job experiences that will last a life time.

If you know of any coaches that would like to join our team and be part of YCM's growth next season please let us know. We are starting to get excited about all the great things we can do next season.