Most of the USA Swimming meets that we attend have time standard requirements for entries.  There are meets available for all ages and abilities, and they use the USA Swimming National Age Group Motivational Times as a universal standard.  Each meet notice will specify whether the qualifying times should be slower than, faster than, or equal to a certain Age Group Motivational time.  The time standards range from B all the way up to AAAA and are set by gender, age group, and type of pool.  Please make sure you are looking at the correct list for your child.  The winter season is held in 25 yard, or Short Course Yard (SCY) pools, and the spring/summer is held in 50 meter, or Long Course Meter (LCM) pools.

These time standards can also be a useful tool in goal setting, i.e. to achieve a certain time standard during the course of the season.

2013-2016 National Age Group Motivational Times

Time Standards