Coaches and Directors

Coaches and Directors
Coaching Staff
Coach Adam Rutz Director of Competitive Swimming
Coach Camilla Cleghorn Head Center Coach - Dancel/Randallstown

Coach Camilla has been a coach for eight years. She previously coached at West High School and the YMCA in her hometown of Knoxville, TN.  To Coach Camilla, swimming is an opportunity to "drown out" the daily noise and stressors of life.  She enjoys witnessing her swimmers recognize personal growth through hard work. She is driven by the results that come slower - character development and goal accomplishment. The excitement and sense of wonder through accomplishment a swimmer feels when they accomplish a set goal is contagious.  Her favorite stroke is butterfly as it's often considered the hardest stroke which contributes to the sense of accomplishment and confidence swimmers reach when they complete the stroke correctly.  Outside of swimming, Coach Camilla enjoys to hike, kayak, and box.

Words that inspire her:

“You don’t have to be perfect to give 100%”

Coach Jonathan Burr Head Center Coach - Orokawa

Jonathan has coached for two years before coming to the Y up in Joppatowne, MD.  He swam for over 10 for a YMCA team in Connecticut and culminated his career Swimming for Towson University.  He was a distance swimmer for the Tigers, but swam every event at leat twice a season for his Y team.  Outside the pool Jonathan likes to relax with video games and cheering on the Boston Red Sox.

Coach Laura Dunn Head Coach - Pasadena

This is Coach Laura's 3rd year with the YCM Blue Crabs out of the Pasadena Family Y.

Laura was the Head Coach at the Silver Spring YMCA in Silver Spring, MD for the previous 4 seasons. 

Prior to moving to MD Laura was the Head Coach of Norwich University Men's and Women's swimming and diving teams for 9 years, before that she was also an Assistant Coach at Colby-Sawyer and the Head Assistant Coach for a USA Swimming Team, North Country Aquatic Club. Her first coaching job was with a YMCA in Orrville, Ohio.  

Coach Laura grew up in the sport and was a multiple time Vermont State Record holder and State Champion. She attended the College of Wooster where she was a 13 time All-American and 4 year Varsity Swim Team member for the Fighting Scots.

Coach Jennifer Robinson Head Center Coach - Ward

Coach Jennifer has been coaching for 19 years, she competed at Worlds in 2010, qualifying in the 50, 100, and 200 back, as well as the 50 and 100 fly. Her favorite stroke to teach is breastroke, she loves seeing swimmers of any age and ability learn new skills. Coach Jennifer respects how hard swimming can be to learn and any step forward, no matter how small is a huge success.  Outside of coaching she loves to read, and still competes as a Masters Swimmer.  Her sports idol is Josh Davis - he is a regular guy who knows the importance of hard work and how it can pay off in the long run.  Coach Jennifer is from Montana and misses the snow!

Words that inspire her:

"As long as I am able bodied, I have no excuse to stop trying."

Melanie Greenhill Team Administrator

Melanie has been employed with the Y in Central Maryland for two years.  As well as working for the Y, Melanie is the secretary for the Chesapeake and Potomac Swimming League.   She has five years’ experience with swim teams as an administrator and is a prior swim team parent.   Her daughter Lauren swam competitively from the age of 6 until she was 14.  Melanie brings not only administrative experience but a parent’s view point to the team.  When not working at the Y, she enjoys volunteering and hanging out with her family.

Dancel Coaching Staff
Coach Mark Cronin Assistant Coach - Dancel

Coach Mark has been coaching for nine years.  During the summer he coaches for Watermont and has also coached at Wheaton Haven.  Swimming has been an activity that he has participated in since he was six years old. He was a collegiate swimmer while at the University of Delaware.  Swimming has provided life lessons in sportsmanship, discipline, time management and friendships. To this day swimming is an activity that he looks forward to doing and provides an outlet from the day to day stresses of life.   His favorite stroke is freestyle, he enjoys watching swimmers improve and their enthusiasm for the sport.

Coach Molly Cronin Seasonal Coach - Dancel

Coach Molly will be working as a seasonal coach.  This is her third year coaching at Dancel. Coach Molly swam with YCM from the age of 8 - 18 and is a record holder at Dancel. Molly loves the  the "ah-ha" moment that every swimmer gets when they are proud of what they have accomplished. Missy Franklin is Molly's swimming idol because she used her platform to try to help those in need. She was always known for being nice and volunteering any spare time that she had to help others.

Words that inspire her: Our greatest glory is never failing, but in rising every time we fail - Confucius

Coach Lynn Gibbons Assistant Coach - Dancel

Coach Lynn has been involved with Y swimming her entire life.  She began swimming competitively at the Y in Dancel the year it opened and continued through high school.  While at the Y In Dancel she competed in five consecutive Y Nationals.  She continued her swimming career at CCC where she was a Top-16 Junior College swimmer, Junior College Nationals competitor, and 2 year All-American.  After college, Coach Lynn was the Co-Head Coach at the Y in Dancel for five years, coaching many Y Nationals qualifiers.  She took a break from coaching to focus on her career as a pediatric nurse, but was pulled back into coaching the sport she loves when her daughter started swimming at Watermont Swim Club 16 years ago.

While at Watermont, Coach Lynn started their very successful Junior Coach program and has been the Head Coach for the past 10 summers.  She rejoined the Y in Dancel as our Mini's Coach in 2009.   "Crazy Coach Lynn" has a passion for teaching our younger swimmers the fundamentals of swimming as well as the Y  Principles of Caring, Honesty, Respect, and Responsibility.

Coach Brian Hinz Assistant Coach - Dancel
Coach Parker Meek Assistant Coach - Dancel

This is Coach Parker's sixth season of coaching at the Y.  Swimming is one of his favorite activities, he swam for the Y for nine years prior to becoming a coach, and he still looks forward to his time swimming he gets in the water every chance he has. Coach Parker finds that the energy the swimmers brings to practice drives him to be just as energetic as they are. His favorite stroke to teach is Butterfly, he loves seeing swimmers finally understand the rhythm of the stroke. When not coaching Coach Parker enjoys hiking and camping.

Words that inspire him:

"There's always someone out there just as talented and skilled as you. And right now they are working hard to get better".

Coach Shannon Mulcahy Assistant Coach - Dancel
Coach Brittany Seldon Assistant Coach - Dancel

Coach Brittany has been with YCM for 4 years. Swimming has been apart of her life since she was young. She started off by taking lessons at the same Y she now coaches for, swam on her neighborhood swim league for 13 years, joined competitive/year around swimming for 3 years and then kept her passion alive by taking it a step up and competing in triathlons like Iron Girl & Celebration. Brittany has a Bachelor of Science in Psycholoy and will have a Masters in Early Childhood Education in 2020. Outside of coaching Brittany also works for Howard County Public School Systems. In her free time she loves traveling,  any type of crafting, photography, kayaking and biking. 

Words that inspire her:

"We don't say or use the word can't, it is important to go into everything we do with a positive mindset. We can achieve anything with a positive mindset, practice, hard work and dedication. One of my favorite Coaches said to me that word = 5 push-ups haha" 

"What you do makes a difference and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make"

Coach Ben Shropshire Seasonal Coach - Dancel
Orokawa Coaching Staff
Coach Zachary Huether Assistant Coach - Orokawa
Coach Jerel McCord Assistant Coach - Weinberg
Coach Amanda Longstreth Assistant Coach - Orokawa

Coach Amanda has been coaching for six years. She has a naturally cheerful upbeat disposition , she absolutely LOVES all aspects of swimming and her truest talent is connecting patiently with children of all ages and abilities.  She taught for Baltimore County as an elementary school teacher for ten years and has a masters in Special education.

Words that inspire her:

"The question is not really whether or not you go on , but rather how are you going to enjoy it?"-Robert Churman

Pasadena Coaching Staff
Coach Lindsay Fortier Assistant Coach - Pasadena

This is Coach Lindsay's first year coaching for YCM.  Coach Lindsay c ompeted at Arcadia University on their D3 NCAA swim team, during her time there she was team captain for two seasons. Her favorite strokes to teach are backstroke and butterfly, as these were her favorite strokes to swim when competing. Coach Lindsay likes to see her swimmers enjoying practices and being proud of their achievements. To Coach Lindsay swimming is a good way to maintain good physical health while creating friends and feelings of belonging to a community. When not coaching you can find Coach Lindsay hiking and taking photographs.

Coach Brooke Harden Assistant Coach - Pasadena
Coach Cassandra McLemore Assistant Coach - Pasadena

Coach Cassi has been coaching for 11 years.  Her favorite stroke to coach is Butterfly, as it was her favorite stroke to swim when she competed.   Swimming is more than a sport for Coach Cassi. It was the one sport she could compete in without getting injured! She is a clutz on dry land. She loves helping young swimmers do more than they can imagine and improve. She loves seeing swimmers faces light up with excitement and pride when they know they did a good job or swam a good race. Swimming is also a connection that she shares with her two girls, who both love to swim and are on the YCM team. When not coaching Coach Cassi spends time with her girls reading and doing crafts. Outside of coaching she is a middle school math and science teacher.

Words that inspire her:

"Your athleticism is only temporary, but your character lasts forever. Be compassionate, be grateful, be honest, be humble, be kind."

Coach Sean Shepard Assistant Coach - Pasadena

This is Coach Sean's first year of coaching at the Y.   His favorite stroke to teach is butterfly as it take determination to master it correctly. To Coach Sean s wimming means team work but also solo development. Team spirit and personal growth. On the pool deck you might hear him mention PMA (positive mental attitude) He strongly believes you should be positive regardless of the task. Coach Sean is active duty Coast Guard and when not deployed or coaching he likes to play the drums.  Coach Sean's sport idol is  Freddy Freeman (Atlanta Braves) Freddy is one of the most positive, uplifting athletes to ever play the game. He leads his team from inside with a great attitude.

Words that inspire him:

“Never settle” - Steve Shepard aka Dad

Coach Taylor White Assistant Coach - Pasadena
Taylor is in her second year of coaching for the Y in Central Maryland.  Taylor began competitively swimming at the age of 6 for her summer league team. During high school, she was a member of the varsity swim team and Dynamo swim club, she then continued to swim at Georgia Southern University at the club level for 4 years until graduation while also coaching summer league during her summer breaks for 3 consecutive summers. Taylor spends her days as a stay at home mom to Macy & Walker.
Words that inspire her:
“I’ll never ask for THE best, only YOURS”
Randallstown Coaching Staff
Coach Shadell Segree Assistant Coach - Dancel

Coach Shadell has been coaching for five years.  Her favorite stroke to coach is  Breaststroke, because it's all about swimming smarter and slower, balancing your stroke and glide in order to swim faster.

Words that inspire her:

"When life puts you in tough situations, don't say "Why Me?" say "Try Me!"

Ward Coaching Staff

Ward Coaches are Cool

Coach Hunter Brown Assistant Coach - Ward
Coach Jennifer Cashour Assistant Coach - Ward
Coach James Quinn Assistant Coach - Ward

Coach James is new to the Y in Central Maryland Team. He was previously at Prospect Park Swim Team where he was a junior coach for two years.  To Coach James swimming is a life-long experience. Competitive Swimming has been a part of his life since he was 3 years old. More recently, Swimming has helped him lose 70 lbs. and become a successful triathlete. He believes it is a skill you never forget, and to which you can always return.  He loves helping swimmers reach their goals.  His favorite stroke is Butterfly due to the amount of detail required to learn and master the stroke correctly.  The moment a swimmer achieves the stroke is a fantastic accomplishment that they will never forget. 

Words that inspire him:

"Believe deep down in your heart that you're destined to do great things." - Joe Paterno

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