This is our initiative for teaching our swimmers they are athletes 24 hours a day and what they do outside of practice is just as important as what they do in practice. Being an athlete is truly a lifestyle. Nutrition, rest, hydration, and healthy choices and good study habits all have a direct effect on performance and can either enhance training or under-mind it. So, each week we will post tips to help our athletes and families with some important "outside of the pool" performance information.



First up, a bit of general nutrition advice. One of my all time favorite quotes from my coach at USC was "You need to fuel your body as if it were a high performance car. The better the fuel, the better the performance and the longer it will run."

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Staying hydrated increases energy, improves movement, recovery and agility, thermoregulation, and aids in mental clarity and activity – all of which can improve physical performance and reduce the risk of injuries. How much to drink? When to drink? When is it too much or too little? Here are some general guidelines for healthy hydration:



There is just no beating a good night's sleep and we all know pre-teens and teenagers are probably not getting enough of it. Studies have shown that sleep-deprived athletes perform less well, have a greater relative perceived exertion level, and are at a greater risk of injury and mental health struggles. Here are some great articles that give some practical info regarding the need for sleep for athletes.


Sleep, Athletic Performance, and Recovery  

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The Importance Of Sleep And Mental Health For Elite Athletes

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