How To Sign Up for Swim Meets

Download Instructions: How To Use NAAC TeamUnify to Sign Up for Meets

On the home page, look below the photo gallery for the Events section. If you don't see the meet you want click on the MORE tab.

Click on the name of the meet. You could just click on attend/decline, but then you won’t be able to see any instructions or the meet notice

Select Attend/Decline to commit your swimmer to days/sessions you will attend. (Once you have committed, the tab will read Edit Commitment when you revisit it.) Click on your swimmer’s name. 

Click either Yes, sign up for this event (if you are attending any sessions) or No, swimmer will NOT attend the meet. If you click attend, you get to pick your sessions. 

There is a section for notes. Your coach will see these when he/she is selecting events for your swimmer. That is a good place to request an event your swimmer particularly wants to swim, to let your coach know you may not be able to stay for relays, etc.

Be sure to click Save Changes. Your swimmer is committed for the meet. Once the coach chooses the events your swimmer will compete in you can revisit the Edit Commitment button of a meet to see what your swimmer will swim. Please take some time to view the other great things TeamUnify can do for you and your swimmer. From the home page, click on My Account and take a few minutes to view My Tutorials.