Level 2

SPY Philosophy

Competitive swimming offers an exciting and valuable experience in a young person's life. These experiences can be learned and enjoyed by those of limited experience as well as those with Olympic potential.  As a sport, swimming's value goes far beyond that of just learning skills in the water and racing. Through a well-organized series of developmental stages, every participant can gain from his or her experiences.

The SPY coaches believe that the focus of a developmental program is to instill a love of the sport in our young swimmers.  The practice commitment for these younger swimmers provides them plenty of time to participate in other sports and activities, which is something that SPY coaches encourage. As swimmers develop, they may be encouraged to commit to a more rigorous practice schedule, but only when they are older and ready to become a year round competitive swimmer.

The unique structure of the SPY program enables our swimmers to represent the Anne Arundel County YMCA in "Y" Competitions, and also to compete in many USA Swimming- sanctioned events. The SPY swim year is divided into two seasons:

  • Short Course, which starts in September and culminates with the Short Course National Meet in March

  • Long Course, with meets in the summer and the Long Course National Meet at the end of July.

To qualify for Y Championships, swimmers are required to attend three (3) dual meets.

SPY Achievements

In our 35 years of competitive swimming, SPY's accomplishments include:

  • 30 YMCA Southern District League Championships, including 25 consecutive years (1977-2001)

  • 11 times as 8 & Under Pennsylvania YMCA Champions or Runner-Up

  • More than 500 swimmers who have qualified for YMCA national short course championships

  • More than 500 swimmers who have established YMCA Top 16 times

  • More than 20 National YMCA Finalists

  • A YMCA National Record Holder

  • 6 USA Senior National Qualifiers

  • More than 20 USA Junior National Qualifiers

  • 50 swimmers who have established USA Swimming Top 16 times

  • 3 Olympic Trial Qualifiers

  • More than 200 swimmers who have gone on to compete at the collegiate level.