Level 2

What's United States Swimming (USA-S)?

United States Swimming is the national governing body for amateur competitive swimming.  Its headquarters is located in Colorado Springs, CO at the Olympic Training Center.

On the local level, administration of USA Swimming is divided into 59 local swim committees (LSC), each with its own by-laws, operations and schedules within the guidelines of USA Swimming. SPY complies with the Maryland LSC and enters meets within Maryland that conform to USA standards.

Maryland LSC offers a full schedule of meets to swimmers of all ability levels and issues a list of qualifying times for each event and age group for each of these levels.  These levels range from a beginning level of BB and go through level AAAA, with AAAA being the fastest age group level.

Current qualifying times can be found by clicking on the Stopwatch icon of the Partners section, found on the left hand side of your screen.

Sectionals are the first step out of age group swimming and a swimmer attaining a qualifying time at this level can begin attending meets at a National level, without regard to age.

Nationals are the elite level competition for USA swimmers.  The only step above this is qualification for the US Open, Olympic Trials and the Olympics themselves.