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In Memory of Emily Schindler

July 27, 1985 - January 27, 2004

Emily Schindler was a SPY swimmer for 9 years, beginning when she was 9 years old. She was known as the ultimate teammate- always the first with a smile for a new face; always the last voice you could hear at the end of a race, still cheering for her friends in the pool.  She was a "Lane 1" swimmer with heart-- not the fastest, not a future Olympian-- but the hardest worker in the pool, the girl with an upbeat spirit, the jokester with the sunny, smiley outlook and the athlete with an always- positive attitude.

Emily died in a car accident in 2004. She was just 18 years old.

Her coach said that Emily encouraged everyone to "Think Team", not just individual. Emily's example of Team First has really shaped the philosophy here at SPY. 

SPY was such a positive experience for Emily.  She was happiest when she was at the pool or spending time with her swimming friends.  Her coaches, as Emily said in a devotional, "saw something in her that her times did not show". The coaches were the best role models a parent could hope to have for their children. SPY, and the friends Emily made while on SPY, continue to be a source of comfort to the Schindler family.  Emily's mom always said that "Emily put SPY into our life so they would be there when we needed them most".

The Schindler family established a memorial scholarship fund in Emily's name. Each year, a scholarship is awarded to a graduating SPY senior - current or former swimmer. In 2009, a second scholarship was established and is granted to a non-SPY swimmer annually at the Winterfest Swim Meet. To date, more than $45,000 in scholarship money has been given to 77 swimmers.

The ESMS Scholarship Fund

In 2007, the first ever Emily Schindler Triathlon was run. Today, more than 200 participants of all ages enjoy this local competition.

The event is held each Spring, and is comprised of an 800 yard swim, a 9 mile bike ride and a 3 mile run, beginning at the Severna Park Community Center. Please check our news blast for event details in the Spring.

Donations to the scholarship fund can be directed to:

SPSA, Inc.

Attn: Emily Schindler Memorial Fund
PO Box 243

Severna Park, MD  21146

The Devotion that was read at the

2004 YMCA SC Y Nationals.

"It doesn’t matter if they’re laughing at you,

as long as they’re laughing!"

                                                ~Emily's slogan



Dear SPY Family,

We want to express our heartfelt thanks to our SPY family for all you have done for us so far. Those first few days were very hard, but you were there for us. The reception at the memorial service was wonderful. Thanks to all of you who brought food and a special thanks goes to Michele Schafer for organizing it. I heard nothing but compliments about the reception. Thanks also to all those who helped with the pictures. You certainly captured Emily's true spirit. Coach Ken's eulogy made us all cry and laugh, just what Emily would have wanted. Thanks also to Erin Jones for bringing us Emily's words again. The singing of Jennifer Gavin and Ashleigh Rose lifted our spirits at our darkest time. Thanks also to all of you who came just to give us your support. We knew Emily had many wonderful friends, but were truly touched by the number of people who came to the memorial service. It was, and will be forever, very comforting us.

Your generosity continues with the meals. Thanks to Pam Polino for organizing those. Finally, thanks go to all those kids who wore the caps this past weekend. It was wonderful to see all those "Emily's" in the water during warm-ups. I know many of you were probably questioned about those caps. One person in the crowd even remarked that there sure were a lot of "Emily's" on SPY. They probably don't know how right they were. We have certainly seen over the past few weeks that you all have the spirit of Emily living in you. We can never thank you enough for all you have done and all you will do for us. We are truly blessed to have every one of you in our lives.

With all our love,

Chuck, Jane, Charlie and Claire

Personal Eulogies

If a coach could pick their athletes, Emily Schindler would be at the top of the list. She never said a bad word about anyone and encouraged everyone to think "team", not just individual performance. My memories of her making finals at Wilton, standing in a parking lot with the keys locked in a running car, not getting that right prom date or with that little Emily smile "Fairwood Baby" are special moments that will always make me smile. She will always beremembered as a motivator to her coaches, parents and friends. In my eyes, she will be remembered as a Lane 1'er as she always dreamed. You see, kids that swim in lane one are the so-called "fast" swimmers. You were wrong about one thing Emily. You once asked me, upon graduating from the team, "What will I do without SPY?". A harder question is, What will the SPY family do without you? I'll miss your laughter, joy, and yes, your down times.

God bless you Emily Schindler, God just recruited a Lane Oner


Emily was a year older than me, and as much as she was a friend to me, I have always seen her a somewhat of a big sister. I know that there are many people who looked up to her, and I was one of them. Though she wasn't the fastest swimmer, she always tried her hardest. she may have had a bad day at practice, but once we got into the locker rooms she would be laughing and joking around as usual. Emily always had a kind heart and contagious laughter. I don't think she had an enemy in the world. everybody always wanted to be around her. as important as SPY was in Emily's life, so was her family. She loved her parents and her siblings very much and constantly worried about them. I think my last memory of Emily will always be from Alison's party. It was just about a week or so before the accident. We had been bowling and she was telling us about what she had been doing off at college. she was so excited because she had just gotten into a sorority. Emily could have done anything with her time spent here, and I'm thankful that she choose to spend it with us. Emily will always be with us in our hearts and in our memories.  She will always be missed. Emily is surly in Heaven looking down upon us. God bless her and her family. We love you Emily!

Sarah Cunningham


In all of my years of coaching, few athletes have touched my heart in the way you have.  I have always admired your dedication, devotion, and compassion. You will always have a place at the heart of SPY Swimming.  You are SPY, and SPY is you. 

Though the brightness of your smile and the radiance of your personality have left us physically, they shine on in the hearts of everyone fortunate enough to have known you.  I consider myself to be especially blessed in that regard, and I take great comfort in knowing that you are with the Lord. 

I'll get by with the memories of all we have shared; although, I ache inside right now. While you are waiting, however, you can get started on the warm-up: S. 400IM; K/S 4 x 100 Free; K/D/B/Sp 8 x 50 Ch.  I look forward to being there with you one day for the rest of practice.

Love always,

Coach Mike McTammany

~To Emily- A friend, a teammate, a sister....

Do You Remember

Do you remember when we used to swim and cheer our lanemates on,

Or do you remember sometimes, in the showers, we would all break out into song?

Do you remember the laughs we shared, about boys, school, and more,

Or do you remember when we used to fight, and then seconds later, ask, what was all that fighting even for?

Do you remember when you held my hand, when a boy broke my heart,

Or do remember those times, even though you went to public school, ken still said you were smart?

Do you remember our times together, both the good and the sad,

Because I will always remember all the times we had.

Your loss brings me to loss of words, and makes me look to the sky,

And I have to ask God-Why did you take her, why?

But even though you are gone, you will forever be in my heart,

And as long as I am here, you will watch over me, and we will never truly be apart.


Your Meg Mo

Emily's constant smile is the first thing that comes to mind when someone mentions her name. I was fortunate enough to coach her on the Fairwood Swim Team, SPY, and the Chesapeake High School's team. Whether at a SPY practice or Fairwood, Em was always one of the first to get to work, and lead her peers through her actions. She would never question your choice of practice sets, or why she was swimming in a particular event, she would just smile and take it in stride.

One of my favorite memories of Emily was on her 16th birthday. We had a home swim meet and her dad was our announcer. He decided to sing happy birthday to her over the PA system. Emily was bright red, but had a huge grin on her face!

Emily was truly everyone's friend and even though we will miss her presence, her upbeat spirit will remain in everyone whose life she has touched.


Ms. Sue

I never really knew Emily personally, but the times that our paths did cross, she was always doing something positive. I can remember her helping us wrap hamburgers at the summer meet, I saw her volunteering at Winterfest, and our last encounter was at our last dual meet, she were there cheering Charlie on. I remember her walking by me with that ever present infectious smile.

Emily and my family had something in common. We are, according to Ken, "from the other side of the tracks". My, how many times did she hear that in her years at SPY? But you know what, if people like her come from the other side, I wouldn't want to live any where else.

If any good could ever come out of this tragic accident, it would be to remind everyone, parents and kids alike, to hug your daughters, your sons and your parents. Tell them that you love them, for you never know when that will be the last time that you see them.

Emily, you will be truly missed. May God accept you with open arms. Maybe you can even teach him to swim.

Joe, Cheryl and Ashley Mullen

Love, Thirza Roberto

Did you know that the name “Emily” means ambitious, admiring, and hardworking? Did you know that the name “Ann” means mercy and grace? I did not know that either, but when I think about Emily I guess I really did. Emily Ann Schindler was all of these things and more.

Emily was one of those people who brightened up a room. She was always dancing or singing…those hopping feet barely touched the ground. Her smile and laughter took the gray out of any day. Emily made everyone feel special. From a hug or a “Hey Hun, how are you?” or just simply being called “Sweetie”, she made anyone feel like they were on top of the world. One of things I loved most about Emily was her attitude towards swimming. She never complained about her time or having a bad race. It was always “Oh well! What can ya do?” and she would move on. Even during practice at 5am she kept the same positive attitude. I absolutely loved sharing a lane with her. I remember, everyday, swimming in lane 4 with her, Beth, and Jelen. It was the highlight of my day. Even when one of us was having a bad day or swimming slow, we always found something to laugh about. I had the time of my life in lane 4.

It has now come for Emily to move on to a bigger and better place. She is now safe with God and watching over all of us. God must have really needed an angel; why else would he have taken her? Even though she is no longer with us, the joy she brought to our lives will stay in our hearts forever. 

God Bless our Emmie. 

    ~Kalee Hartman

As a coach, you get to know swimmers and see them grow over the years, you work with them, and then the swimmers grow up and move on with their lives, and as the years go by new swimmers replace your memories of the past swimmers. But there are a few that maintain a special place in your heart and those are the BEST swimmers. One may ask what it takes to be the BEST swimmer, is it speed and agility? No, absolutely not. What it takes to be the BEST swimmer is heart, often those that are the BEST swimmers are not the fastest in the pool, but are the ones that have the right attitude, they work hard, encourage others, accept good performances and bad, lack jealousy of others accomplishments and have a great strength of character. The BEST swimmers are the ones who when you remember them you remember them smiling. And if anyone is to be classified as one of the BEST swimmers, it would be Emily Schindler. When I think of Emily, I think first of her smiling face and second of her attitude in the pool, she supported all those around her and day in and day out she gave it the most she could on that particular day. 

Emily, it is beyond words to say how greatly missed you will be.

love always,


Emily Schindler... what else is there to say. It's all in the name.  Whenever you hear the name Emily Schindler the things that always come to mind are sweet, loving, supportive and always happy. No matter what the situation was Emily was there for you 115%. She gave her all into everything she did whether it was swimming, being a great friend, an understanding teammate, or just a great person. Emily loved to make other people happy.  That's what she lived for, she was not happy until you were happy too. I don't think I have ever heard her say a negative word or have a negative attitude ever in her life.  If there was ever anything that bothered her she just overpowered it with a smile and a little laugh.  She had the greatest smile and the best laugh you have ever heard.  It was so genuine and sincere. She made the absolute best big dolphin ever! She was mine for 3 years. Being a big dolphin on Fairwood is just like being a big spy. She was mine when I had just started out the team. I was young and scared didn't know anyone and was a little unsure, but more then definitely Emily took me in. She was like my big sister , I followed her around everywhere all day everyday. Not once did she complain or get annoyed with me she made the best out of it. As time went on she was no longer my big dolphin but my big sister! We've had some fun times! Haha...Mango smoothies at 8:00 in the morning are the best! I know she is in heaven smiling down on all of us.  Every time you feel the warmth of the sun on your face you know its her saying hello will a big ol' smile spreading cheek to cheek. She will forever be in my heart and prayers and always in my thoughts! Emily I love you.... and you will be missed! God bless her family and all of her friends.

Love, Thirza Roberto

Sometimes someone comes along who graces us with their smile, and warmth.  Emily was such a person. She mastered the art of helping and encouraging others. God put all sorts of people in Emily's path and gave her the grace to treat each one of them with kindness. And as she moved among us, we were all blessed for the moment and that will truly be missed. In our hearts Emily will be forever young, beautiful and loving.

I thank my God every time I remember you.. Philippians 1:3

we will miss you Em...Alicia, Melanie and Tommie Hopkins

Emily was truly an amazing person. Nobody could have asked for a better friend.  No matter what we ended up doing it always ended up being a good time just because we were together. It's hard to figure out a reason why God took her but the only logical one to me is that she had such a pure soul that she deserved to be something and be somewhere better. She honestly didn't have a mean bone in her body. She loved everyone and everyone loved her. And while we were suppose to live next door to each other and have our children grow up together... I guess always having her in my heart is better then having her next door.

In the words of Em,

Piece out home frie

Love always

Megan (moco)

You reached into my heart and touched my soul.

 Emily Schindler may not have been the fastest swimmer but she had the biggest heart. I will never forget the first day I came to SPY, I didn't know anyone and she and I had known each other from confirmation, she came up to me and gave me a hug and welcomed me to the team. When I saw her smile and felt her warm embrace I knew I'd have at least one great friend on SPY. Not only did Emily turn out to be a great friend, she turned into more of a sister. When I sit here and search for a reason why she is no longer with us I can't think of any except perhaps she was an angel, sent down to help bring people on spy together and as I sat in that room yesterday at Annapolis Swim Center I realized that she had done it again, people who swore they'd never speak again were hugging. She talked about this team so much, it was her whole life and I hope that someday I can live up to all she has done in her life, I hope one day my intentions will always be pure and honest, just as hers were every single day. From her poor taste in men, to her crazy summer swim team she was truly an inspirational person that I know is now watching over us. God Bless You Emily, up there swimming in lane one, waiting for us.

Katie deBarros

Emily Schindler, people may have not known her name, but they surely knew the face. When you walked into the Spy pool, she was the girl that always had a smile on her face and a huge zest for life. Emily was a tremendous role model for all the younger Spy swimmers. She will be greatly missed. We will keep her family and friends in our prayers.

The Chandler's

I would just like to say that Emily made my younger and more nervous years at Spy much more enjoyable and definitely more fun. She was my big Spy and man was I lucky to have been matched with her. I have never seen someone so happy to spend time with an 8 and under at a swim meet. Even when I grew too old to be a little Spy I always hoped she would be somewhere near during meets because she was always so good at cheering. I believe that she got so much energy from swimming and her team mates, and she showed it every time I saw her. We will miss her even more so that she was such an active member of our team, even after graduation. She will be in our thoughts and always in our memories because she left such a strong impression on Spy by the outstanding example she set for all our future swimmers.

Emily, if you can hear us now- Thank You

Mike Polino

“Maybe in another life, I could find you there. Pulled away before your time, I can’t deal, it’s so unfair. And it feels, and it feels like Heaven is so far away, and it feels, and it feels like, the world has grown cold, now that you’ve gone away.”

~ The Offspring 

            Emily was one of the swimmers who greeted me with a happy smile when I first joined the team. She was always there for you when you needed her during practices or outside of them. I remember the day when we both made it into the Spy group. It was huge accomplishment and honor and we both laughed and hugged, happy we had made it. Then we began our practices in the new group together, in the same lane. Eventually I moved over to faster lanes, though Emily stayed behind. She was always one of the people that I could see out of the corner of my eye as I was swimming down the lane, always with that giant smile on her face. I don’t think there passed a day when you would not see her smile. She smiled when she was happy, when she was sad, she smiled until her face hurt and she smiled even with tears streaming down her face.

            I remember the last two times I saw Emily. She was at Winterfest, timing in my lane when I swam the 50 free. I made a deal with her that as I was coming back, she’d stop the clock when I was at the flags, to give me a little edge. I never did check with her to see if she had stopped the clock early. The last time I saw her was at practice at Riva. I came into the wall and looked up and saw that huge smile, standing one lane over. “You’re a little late for practice Emily,” I told her, as it was almost over. “Hey gimme a break, I gave blood today,” she said in that sort of half-sarcastic, half-joking way of hers. “Well, then, I guess that’s o.k.” I conceded before I had to leave again.

            Emily is one person who will be sorely for years to come. We know she’s up there, keeping an eye on us.

                        ~ Mike Moran

While I do not know Emily or her family very well, I mourn for them and pray for them, as they are part of our beloved SPY family. I offer this brief parable in her memory, in hope it may bring some comfort to her family and friends:

From a book called DENA THE DRAGONFLY. Information posted by Jill Dowler.

Once, in a little pond, in the muddy water under the lily pads, there lived a little water beetle in a community of water beetles. They lived a simple and comfortable life in the pond with few disturbances and interruptions.  Once in a while, sadness would come to the community when one of their fellow beetles would climb the stem of a lily pad and would never be seen again. They knew when this happened, their friend was dead, gone forever.  Then one day, one little water beetle felt an irresistible urge to climb up the stem. However, he was determined that he would not leave forever. He would come back and tell his friends what he found at the top. When he reached the top and climbed out of the water onto the surface of the lily pad, he was so tired, and the sun was so warm, that he decided he must take a nap.  As he slept, his body changed and when he woke up, he had turned into a beautiful blue-tailed dragonfly with broad wings and a slender body designed for flying. So fly he did! And as he soared he saw the beauty of a whole new world and far superior way of life to what he had ever known existed. Then he remembered his beetle friends and how they were thinking by now that he was dead. He wanted to go back to them, and to explain to them that he was more alive than he had ever been before. His life had been fulfilled rather than ended. But his new body would not go down into the water. He could not go back to tell his friends the good news. Then he understood that their time would come, when they too would know what he now knew. So he raised his wings and flew off into his joyous new life!

God bless you Emily, and may He bring peace and comfort to your family.

Diana Wilson

Dearest Emily,

Hey sweetie. That's what you would've said to me. It is what you always say to me whenever we meet. Either that or "Hey hun"! When I hear those words, I immediately know that it's you, it's Emily Schindler. In fact, you just said those very words to me two weeks ago, on the 17th of January. It was Jen's 18th birthday and all of us "old" girls met to celebrate and eat.   Yes.oh the memories of food. It is what we swimmers do best, eat! That day was very special for me, not just because it was great fun, but because I was with all of the people who I truly care about-I was with all of my very best friends. Emily, I have known you for almost all of my life, about 10 years; and to me, that is a very long time. Over those 10 years, we have lived two separate lives, but deep down, I feel as though we have shared one soul. Although I live in the Park and you live in 'Dena, I feel as though we are one in the same. Take SPY, for example. SPY has been, for us, our sport, our family, our life, our passion. I know that neither one of us is fast, but I also know that that is not the reason why you or I swim. As Mike McTammany would say, we are the "velocity impaired", the "Y-Nots"! But that is okay. It never stopped you. No, despite this minor fallback in the sport of swimming, you were always there and you never gave up. In fact, swimming to you was never really about the swimming; it was about the friendships, the laughter, the relationships, and the people. And you were always there with a smile on your face and love in your heart. You are everyone's best friend, everyone's little teddy bear; always there ready to be hugged and squeezed for comfort, support, and giggles. Everyone, everyone loves you and you love everyone. Emily, we have shared so much over these 10 years, and I want, more than anything, to write them all down, but I simply can't. I can, however, leave you with one final note.

At your senior SPY banquet last year, you wrote that I was the one person who inspired you throughout your swimming career. As much as I am truly honored to be your inspiration, I think that you have it backwards. Emily, YOU are the one who has inspired me. You have opened my eyes to life and to people in a way that I have never looked before. No matter how frustrated, upset, or sad you were, you never left without giving someone, somewhere a hug. To me, you were the "hug-giver". Emily, because of you, I have now made it my mission to carry on your hugs. And a hug from me is really like a hug from you. So from now and forever more, your hugs will keep on hugging and your spirit will live on. Emily, I love you so much and I'll be swimming with you once again in heaven. So save me a place in your lane. God bless you, your family, and your friends.

Your Friend with lots of love,

Alison Schaffer

Although its been almost 3 years since I've been with the SPY team, what it meant to me still remains fresh in my heart. When I heard the news of what happened, a vision instantly popped into my head. It was of Emily and her bright smiling face, walking in the dryland room door with Dan Clemson after school, all ready for practice. She always came in smiling with an energy that would excite anyone. There were many times where myself and others weren't in the mood to practice, but not Emily. She was always ready and willing to get in the pool and was a pure delight to be around. She was one of those truly good people in this world, teaching others how to love people and life unconditionally.

Sarah Bond

Emily was not only a great friend but she was like a second sister to me.  She was always there when I needed somebody to talk to. She was truly an amazing person and I will miss her so much. Coaching in the summer will no longer be the same without Emmy there by my side. I remember our great times together  while swimming. She had such a great attitude toward the sport and I will never forget that. I will never forget you Emily for you truly are one of the most outstanding people that I have ever met. You always put others before yourself and did all you could to help a friend in need. I love you girl and I will never forget you. God Bless you Emily! May God welcome you into heaven with open arms.

Love your friend forever,

Erin Jones

Shortly after my son joined SPY, he came home before one of his first big meets, and told me he had been invited to a "shaving party", at Emily Schindler's house. "Wow," I thought, "I have a lot to learn about this swimming thing!" And thus began my education, and my all-too-brief friendship with Emily. My first memory of Emily is her at the shaving party, standing at the top of the stairs, razor in hand, and grinning from ear to ear. My most recent memory is her, also grinning from ear to ear, at Winterfest, a few short weeks ago. She was there to help the SPY family, and to cheer on her beloved team. That's the kind of person she was- always ready to help, always cheering her teammates, and most of all, always with a smile on her face. Her smile would light up the place, and her laughter was contagious.

Emily, we may never understand why you were taken from us so soon, and the ache in our hearts won't soon go away. But all of us who knew you are better for your having been in our lives. If God wanted a beautiful and radiant angel to light the heavens, he has the best there is. We'll feel you in the warmth of the sun and see you in the sparkle of the stars, and your spirit will be with us always.

Bless you Emily,

Karen Moran

"One of the many things I liked about SPY when I there, was the friendship the teammates had for each other, and who better as an example than Emily.  At practice, whether it was after school when most kids would be doin hw and watching tv or whether it was waking for practice for 5 am practice when most kids would rather sleep, she always had a smile on her face. Not to mention, no matter the mood you were in, she would share the happiness she carried around in her heart, and we're talking a heart the size of Texas.  Swimming with Emily was awesome because she was the type who would push you to go faster and faster and still have a smile on her face. Looking back on the memories, O.C. trip, practice, water polo, and the meets, I realize how she had an impact on all of us. The last time I saw her was last summer when her and Erin were coaching for the Crocadiles at the Crofton Country Club. We were joking around how we were each going to lap each other and about who would win. We miss you and may God take you in his arms."

~Steven Hutchinson

 When our daughter was struggling with life in middle school, we suggested that she try not to walk in anyone's shadow and not to cast a shadow on others. When Katy met Emily in Confirmation and later at SPY, she found that, with Emily, there were no shadows, ever. Emily's smile reached around and lit up everyone, inside and out. Our memories of dear Emily will continue to do so.

May God bless the Schindler family and their wonderful Emily.

The de Barros family

I am one of Emily's aunts (Jane's sister). My precious niece is gone, but her love and warmth lives on. All of the eulogies I have read say more than I can hope to say, but I will try my own version. Emily was so loved by her family, including myself and other aunts and uncles. She was the happy three year old with bouncing blond curls; she was the eight year old who wrote thank you notes for even the smallest of presents; she was the young lady turning into a teen who endured a long ride with her family to come to Minnesota to see me. Yes, she even made me feel special. And always so proud of her sister and brother -- taking them by the hand when they needed help; guiding them with her wisdom and calming ways; taking them shopping and advising what was "good" and what was "bad" in music selections. Oh, were her standards high. Her death is painful, but I am guided by the fact that I know she continues to watch over us, and will continue to monitor my jokes and pranks that I like to play on her sister and brother. Laugh for me Emily, and I will always remember that wonderful smile. We love you forever.

Aunt Alexis and Uncle Garry

To be completely honest, I don’t really know how to begin. Sure, people close to me have died during my lifetime, but most of them I was too young to remember. I have read the eulogies on the web site, and I doubt that mine will be anything compared to those posted. I will not try to tell Emily’s life story- I don’t completely know it, and many people probably have already heard it. I will however attempt to describe her, although mere words cannot do her justice.

The thing I think really shows the nature of this team was the way it sticks together. SPY didn’t need a tragedy like this to unite, because everyone is tightly bound. I hope that in the future, the team continues to stay together as close friends, as a memorial to Emily. I have never heard someone say something bad about her- and with good reason. Emily might not have been the fastest swimmers, but she was dedicated, hard working, as kind as anyone you will meet on this earth, and a good friend.  If you take a look at her last few years, one might instantly assume that swimming was Emily’s life; and you couldn’t be more wrong. Emily’s life was her friends. That is the reason why she would get up at five in the morning to practice, although she never made nationals. She got up to see her friends, and to rally those who had a tough time getting up in the morning. Coach Mike, I’m sorry but Emily won’t have a lot of time to get started on that warm up; she’ll be here with us, cheering us up at those cold five a.m. practices.

Love always,

Nick Allen

Dear Ken, Schindler Family, and the SPY Swimming Organization

It was not until I went to the SPY website this morning that I learned of Emily Schindler's tragic accident. On behalf of the teams, coaches and swimmers of the Chesapeake and  Potomac Swim League, please accept our condolences and sympathy, and please convey these condolences to the Schindler family. The magnitude of their loss is incomprehensible.  I am certain that I speak for all those involved with CPSL when I say that our thoughts and prayers are with them in their grief.


Chuck LaBerge

President, CPSL

I had the pleasure of knowing Emily for the final three years of the seven that I was a member of SPY, and the four since I graduated. To this day I can’t remember exactly how the two of us met, only that we became instant friends.  Even though Emily was three years younger than me we still had so many things in common, whether it be SPY, church, or the million and one inside jokes that only the two of us were crazy enough to understand. She was honestly one of the best friends that I had on SPY and I will miss her. Even after I went off to college we still kept in touch saw each other as I coached a summer team against her beloved Fairwood – it was like our friendship never skipped a beat. I haven’t seen Emily since the last time I visited Maryland about a year and a half ago, but I have thought about her a lot, and I know that the next time I see Emily we will become instant friends all over again.

(I can’t believe I used to listen to this band in 1997 but…) Limp Bizkit once said: 

“You gotta have Faith!”

Thanks for everything Emily. You will be missed.

Lee Wilson

I didn't know Emily all that well. I went to school with her and had a few classes with her. Even though I didn't get the chance to really get to know Emily I could just tell right off the bat that she was a complete sweetheart. I never heard her once say a negative thing about anyone! She was so full of laughter and her bubbly personality spread like wild fire. She could make anyone around laugh at the drop of a hat. Emily will be missed very much and loved and remembered forever. Now is the time to celebrate all the wonderful times and memories that we shared with Emily. Emily you will be in our hearts forever.

Jessica Miller

To the Schindler family,

We would like to say how sorry we are for your loss. It's never an easy thing to lose someone so dear. You gave Emily a wonderful home and life and helped shape her into what everyone saw as a sweet, kind hearted , beautiful young woman. She had soo many wonderful qualities. You all will be in our thoughts and prayers. Take care.

The Miller Family

I cannot say that I knew Emily well.  And I've been a mere acquaintance of her family over the years. But I do know what it is like to lose someone special so suddenly. You see, I lost my dad many years ago while we were on a fishing trip in Ocean City. A place where he loved to visit and do what he loved to do the most...fish.  It was the worst day of my life. That day, however, changed my life forever.  I realized that life's moments are fleeting.  I learned never to take one second of life for granted and to try to do as much for others on this earth while I still have the chance.  

I believe Emily would want us all to take this opportunity and although, at this time, so difficult to comprehend this tragedy, try to focus on what we can all do to help each other while we can. 

God bless Emily and may your spirit live on through us all.

Shelle Besche

Dear Emily,

Our thoughts and prayers with your family, Emily.  Although we never met, our understanding of who you are, and forever will be has been tenderly said by those of our family.  If the shadow you leave is impression upon your family was your only goal, dear, you broke records.  God bless you.

Brendan and Kelly Murray