Level 2

 The Karen Stevens Memorial Kid's Triathlon

The Kid's Tri was created in memory of Karen Stevens, a treasured member of the SPY Aquatics family.

Karen was a swim instructor at SPY Aquatics, accomplished at teaching students of all ages and ability levels. Karen was gifted at teaching those with special needs because of her kind and patient nature. During her years at SPY, she taught many children how to be safe and enjoy the water. Karen was an exceptionally dedicated, patient and qualified instructor. Sadly, Karen passed away in November 2009 after a yearlong battle with cancer.

Karen often said that she wanted her life to resemble the of act tossing a stone into a still pond - the ripples caused by her life would spread out far and wide to every shore. Those ripples have touched every person at SPY Aquatics.

Event details are available on the Severna Park Community Center  website each Fall.