Level 2


2011-2012 SPY Seniors

For a printable copy of last year's SPY Seniors Award Book, please click here.

Jack Bremer, SPY Team Captain

“Our greatest glory is not in never falling,
but in rising every time we fall.”



  Norm Crone

"Jim is just one of those people that can whisper in the middle of a crowded room,
and you’ll hear him across the street from the building."




  Michaela Cunningham

"I pretty much don’t do anything unrelated to swimming."




  Marissa Hand

"Talking poorly about other swimmers won’t make you faster in the pool
nor will it get you far in lifeBe kind to your teammates and treat them like family."




Jenna Kirchoff, SPY Team Captain

"Swimming is a lifelong sport; not only in the physical aspect,
but also in the friendships that you create."



  Matt McKenney

"Work Hard and Have Fun!"




Courtney Miller

Never Say Never”, because you never know when
something bad can turn into something good".




Khrysten Stolins:

"Don’t argue with Jim, he will always win."




Jared Wasserman:

"SPY shows me how far I can push myself
until I can’t go any harder."



Victoria Wood, SPY Team Captain

"This team is more than just a swim team,
we are pretty much family."