Level 2

Congratulations to our graduating class of 2015! Enjoy this copy of the 2015 Farewell Program from the end of season Banquet.


  Lauren Belloff, Team Co-Captain: "Stay committed and see the benefit of being on a team."





​Anja Benson : "Set goals and have fun, strive to be your very best, but also cherish the times you have with your swimming friends."






Sabrina Douglas: "Give it your all at every practice, dream big, and take chances while you’re still young."






 Madeleine Farnham: "I proved to myself if you really want something, go and get it." 







 Kate Harmon, Team Co-Captain: "There’s no time for thoughts like “I’ll work harder tomorrow” because you’re going to get to tomorrow and wish you had worked harder yesterday."





  Marin Miller:  "My absolute favorite thing was coming from another team I had been on for six years and finding a family of kids and coaches that support each other through everything."





  Matthew Praley: "Make SPY enjoyable not just for yourself, but for everyone else".