Level 2


 Kyle Cannon "If you continue to grind for your goals, that’s where greatness shows itself.  Be great."





  Griffin Distler, "Find what motivates you internally so you never need to rely on external motivation."




 Elena Harris "Enjoy your year of lasts and make the best out of everything because next year, you’re gonna miss it."




Allyson Lee, "For everyone who is coming up: enjoy swimming even when you hate it, you only have a few close immediate groups of people to love or hate in your life."




Lucy Sharpe "Try to make your last year the most fun and memorable as possible, it goes by faster than you think. "





Izzy Stone, "If you keep up the laughs and stick together as a team, everything gets so much easier and more fun."





  Chloe Wright  "You’re not going to get anywhere without the support system this team provides, so be grateful for it!!