Level 2

Sam Bertinatti: "Don’t stress about races or how you’ll do, I do my best when I’m laughing it off before with friends and going into it with an empty mind. Stress isn’t ideal and the best way to get faster is to have fun"

Chase Cannon

Dylan DeAngelo: "Don't dog the practice sets. Motivate yourself by seeing how hard the person next to you is working...and do it better and faster. Loosen up and have fun with it though. Smile and laugh on the blocks. The end results will surprise you. Most importantly, support your teammates"

Ana Dreibelbis

Kylee Emrich: "Just to remember why you started swimming in the first place and try to have fun with it no matter your results. I have learned the less you stress the better you do… so try not to always be serious."

Aidan Linehan: “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

Tyler Moran "The sets that are the least fun and hurt the most are the most rewarding, no matter how bad it is while you’re doing it"

Kate Myers: "Live in the moment. I am completely aware that swimming may not always be enjoyable, but I am also aware of the impact it’s had on who I am. Hang out with friends and stop stressing so much because everything will work out even when it seems like the world is falling apart. Give hugs, tell your parents you love them, and make late night mac and cheese with your siblings, because one day you won’t have the chance to. It’s easy to see the flaws of this place and be eager to leave, but challenge yourself in being grateful for the now. As much as I can't wait to start a new chapter in my life, I will always be thankful for the people I met and the memories I made here. Take pictures and stop for a second to take a breath. Love you guys so much and I know you will all do amazing things ♡"

Jacob Pope: "Swimming, and more specifically morning practice, was able to show me how to become comfortable with being uncomfortable."


Shannon Sullivan: "Have fun and focus on being in the moment because senior year flies by."

Julia Tvedt: "Life moves quickly. Throw yourself into new situations. Spend your time on what you are passionate about and don’t be afraid to try new things."