Welcome, Families!

Welcome to the Down East Family YMCA Dolphin Swim Team. 

The team is registered with YMCA and USA Swimming. All swimmers are YMCA swimmers and have the option to join USA swimming. We offer year-round opportunities for training and competition. Our team has grown to average over 100 swimmers, aged 6 to 20, during the winter season. We are equipped to develop swimmers of all abilities, from the novice to National qualifiers.

We are as proud of our state records and national qualifiers as we are our National Honor Society members and YMCA and Youth Leadership Award, winners.

DEFY strives to offer a fun learning environment that allows an athlete to learn skills, set goals, and develop a positive work ethic while providing a positive experience where the self-motivated swimmer can thrive. In doing so, we hope to provide productive student-athletes that will be confident self-motivated leaders and role models for the future. 


Swimmer Responsibilities

Family Responsibilities

All swimmers on DEFY have certain responsibilities to remain in good standing on the team. Swimmers not in good standing risk losing ongoing participation on the team. We ask swimmers, regardless of their age, to follow our rules and regulations.

• Follow all YMCA rules when on YMCA grounds.

• Show up to practices and meets on time with the necessary equipment and a good attitude. Unsportsmanlike conduct or disrespect is not tolerated.

• Stay home if you are sick. Illness can spread quickly on a swim team. If you stay home from school, stay home from practice.

• Communicate with the coaches if they are not going to be able to attend a practice or meet that they are registered for.

• Attend all dual meets and the YMCA State Meet.*

Participate in team fundraisers.

* There is flexibility to this rule with swimmers aged 11 & under. Communication with the coaches is the key!

The DEFY Swim Team is a family-run organization. We need every family to participate in some function to make the season a success. All families have responsibilities in order to assist the coaches in creating a safe, fun and respectful atmosphere on our team. These responsibilities include the following:

• Communicating concerns and issues to the coaches in a timely and appropriate manner. Please feel free to phone us or meet with us BEFORE or AFTER practice.

• Ensuring their swimmer is on time to practices and meets. If an absence is anticipated for a practice or lateness occurs due to an unforeseen event, please contact the coach as soon as possible.

• Ensuring their swimmer is mentally and physically prepared to participate in practices and meets. The swimmers should be healthy and well-rested. Please do not allow your swimmer to swim when ill. If they stayed home from school due to illness, please do not allow them to attend practice!

• Ensuring their swimmer has the appropriate equipment to train and compete in.

• Participating in fundraising events that benefit the team.

• Supporting the team through volunteer efforts throughout the season.

It is our experience that the swimmers who are most successful have families who encourage their swimmer and are involved in team functions. Families are encouraged to support their children from the stands. Your swimmer wants you to cheer for them when they succeed and encourage them when they don’t. Please let the coaches do the coaching.

In order to further assist the coaching staff in focusing their attention on the swimmers during practices, we respectfully request that families do not approach their children during practices and meets. It is very important for you swimmer’s progress that they develop a quality coach-swimmer relationship.