Swimmers provide their own swimwear and accessories for practices and meets. All items should be marked with the swimmer's name. This equipment includes:

• Team suit

• Practice suit 

• Goggles

• Swim cap

• Water bottle

• Fins (for practice only: recommended for Bottlenose & up)

DEFY provides all registered swimmers with a team cap and one team t-shirt each season. 

Swimsuit Policy

DEFY takes great pride in carefully considering all aspects of our program from USA Swimming Safe Sport to the competitive development of our athletes. Our team culture has had an enormous impact on the success and growth of our team.

The aim of the policies outlined below is to further define that culture in order to improve our unity as a team and ensure that our attire at meets and practice is consistent with our philosophy. Please read all four parts of this team attire policy outlined below.

  • Team Suits

Team suits can be ordered in October from our Gear Shop. Team suits are not required but are encouraged. Dressing uniformly is a way for us to unite as a team. At all meets, we want to make our presence known as a team. Our team policy is that for all meets, DEFY swimmers are encouraged to wear a team suit and team cap.

If a family is unable to afford a team suit they are encouraged to apply for a scholarship to help defray the cost of the suit. If a swimmer chooses a different competition suit, we encourage that the suit is all black or of a similar style and color pattern to the season's team suit. Tech suits may only be worn at certain competitions (see below).

  • Practice Suits

This should be a durable suit that can withstand wear and tear. It is not necessary or recommended to purchase expensive suits/styles for practice. Swimmers are discouraged from wearing team suits during practice. This will keep your team suits looking new and prolong the life of the team suits, and instill the idea that team suits are part of the team uniform used exclusively for team meets.

  • Swim Caps

DEFY team caps are strongly encouraged at meets for all swimmers who choose to wear a cap. One is provided each season. Having all of our swimmers wearing the same cap encourages team unity and enables our coaches to easily spot our swimmers in the pool. Our coaches will have extra caps available at meets.

If your swimmer wears a cap at practice, they may wear a cap of their choice. Swimmers may choose to wear a more technical cap at Championship meets as long as the cap has no other logo (other than the cap brand) on it. For hygienic reasons relating to the facility, all swimmers with hair shoulder length and longer are required to wear caps at practice.

  • Tech Suits

Technical, or “Tech" suits such as the Speedo LZR or the Arena Carbon are engineered to reduce a swimmer’s drag in the water, enhancing performance. Tech suits compress the body. Their effectiveness diminishes the more they are worn and the more they are stretched. We believe that this is not appropriate for younger swimmers to use a swimsuit to this effect. We want our developing swimmers to value hard work, skill, and technique as the means to improvement. 

Our YMCA & USA Swim League has passed legislation banning the use of these suits for children aged 12 & under. The best suit for a 12 & under is one that fits snugly, helping to reduce drag.

When can a swimmer compete in the Tech Suit? 

  • Championship Meets
  • Trails/Finals Meets
  • Other meets with coach consent - would need to be a special circumstance, ex: last or best chance at attempting a qualifying time or record.