Home v. Away

Home Meets

Attending home meets is a family affair. Our team relies on volunteers to make sure that swim meets run smoothly. A typical home meet will go as follows:

The Week Before 

Families will be asked to confirm whether their swimmer will be attending the meet via the team website. All families attending are to help at the meet and provide concession items. Notifications are sent by email and signups are handled on this website. 

The Night Before

Have your swimmer pack all their items in their swim bag the night before. Swim meets can be stressful for the swimmer. The last thing you want is a panicked swimmer tearing apart their room in search of their goggles as you try to get them out the door.

Arriving at the Meet

Swimmers should arrive 10-15 minutes before their scheduled warm-up time and check in with their coaches. Families that signed up to bring a concession item can drop that off.  Anyone volunteering can check in with that group. 

During the Meet

Swimmers are asked to remain in their team area during the meet. Sometimes we have our 8 & Unders in a separate space (with adult supervision) to keep them better contained and entertained as they wait for their events. Swimmers are told to ask coaches before they leave the team area to use the bathroom, visit concessions or see their parents. please help the coaches with this by encouraging your swimmer to stay with the team. Parents are encouraged to cheer on their swimmers during the race and congratulate them on their effort afterward. Please leave the coaching to the coaching staff!

After the Meet

Please make sure your swimmer checks out with the coaches before leaving the meet or getting dressed. Sometimes coaches need to make changes to the event schedule and enter a swimmer in another event or relay towards the end of the meet. Swimmers are encouraged to stay until the end of the session to help cheer on their teammates. Awards from home meets are usually available the first practice after the meet. Results will be posted on this website.

Away Meets

Much of the information regarding away meets is the same as for home meets. Sometimes we need to know well in advance of your swimmer's commitment.


We provide transportation to some of the away meets. Most of the away meet transportation is up to the family. We encourage families to carpool and may be able to assist in finding rides for swimmers. Please don't assume your swimmer can not participate if we are not offering a bus and you can't transport them...just ask!

Volunteer Jobs

In most away meets our parents can simply be cheerleaders and enjoy watching their swimmer compete. Many pools that we visit have seating for parents off of the pool deck. In these cases, unless you are volunteering to time or work the meet you are asked to stay in the bleachers and not in the team area. For some of the meets, we attend we are required to provide parent volunteers: timers, officials, marshals, etc. We will announce this when event sign-ups are posted. 

During the Meet

Just like home meets, swimmers are asked to stay in the team area and communicate with the coaches before leaving the meet.


Awards will be distributed as soon as we receive them. Unfortunately, some clubs are slower than others in providing awards. Meet results will be posted on the website when they are received.