The Season

Pre-Season: Fall

Our Pre-Season usually begins in mid-September and lasts until late October. There is a separate registration fee for Pre-Season. 

The Official Season: Winter

Our official season begins in November and continues through the last meet a swimmer is eligible for. Swimmers who participate in 3 YMCA meets and meet all other team requirements are eligible to swim at the YMCA State Championship the first weekend in March.

Some swimmers may qualify for additional meets that may be held as late as mid-April. A swimmer is encouraged to practice with the team until their last meet. Once a swimmer competes in their last meet they are finished with their season.

Post-Season: Spring/Summer

Our Spring/Summer Season usually begins in early May. This season usually lasts from early May until the swimmer’s last eligible meet, usually held in early August. There is a separate registration fee for Post-Season.

Awards Banquet

The awards banquet is usually held in the spring. The banquet is a chance for swimmers to be recognized for their efforts over the winter season. All swimmers receive a certificate of participation for the season. YMCA State Championship Awards are handed out at the banquet.