The DEFY Swim Team is a family-run organization. We need every family to participate in some function to make the season a success. Whether you are interested in a one-time task or able to take on an ongoing commitment, we have a variety of volunteer opportunities.


About one week before home swim meets, we post volunteer jobs to this website. Log in to view options and claim a role.

Concession Stands & Concessions

Home teams are responsible for providing products and staffing concession stands. The concession stand is one of our biggest fundraisers each season. The money we make selling concessions is used to provide equipment for the team, as well as to cover the cost of awards, travel expenses, and training for coaches and officials.

Typical duties at the concession stand:

  • FRIDAY AFTERNOON (day before)
    • Move and plug in the team's fridge so it can start cooling
    • Stock with available water bottles
    • Arrange for cash box and small bills
  • SATURDAY (day of)
    • Set up concession tables
    • Set up products that have been supplied
    • Create a price list on the team's tabletop whiteboard
    • Sell products and restock tables during the event
    • Monitor back-stock of products in the kitchen and restock stand as needed
    • Return unsold items to the kitchen
    • Provide the total revenue minus the starter cash in a note that goes with the cash box. Secure as directed.

Concession volunteers are encouraged to take turns in order to watch their swimmers' events.

Typical concession stand products:

  • Heat sheets 
  • Water and sports drinks in 12 oz bottles
  • Fresh fruit
  • Granola and protein bars
  • Individually wrapped salty snacks
  • Cheese sticks
  • Yogurt
  • Team merch: stickers, lanyards, bag tags, and water bottles

Prepackaged items can be delivered in advance of the meet. Fresh foods should be delivered upon arrival at the event


We need 13 timers for each meet! Get the best seat in the house in this fast-paced job! Timers move between the lane they are assigned to and around the pool deck. Training is provided before each meet on the use of stopwatches and what to record on the clipboards we supply. Since timers are a backup to our automated timing system, there's nothing to mess up! You may get splashed so wear comfortable footwear and clothing that is ok to get wet. 


We need officials for our swim meets, including Y States. These officials do not need any prior experience. We will send anyone interested to the proper training. We try to have new officials the opportunity to “shadow” experienced officials until they are ready to go on their own. This is the BEST way to learn about swimming.
We encourage new families to get involved, as many of our seasoned officials are parents of senior swimmers and won’t be with the team much longer. Click here to contact Coach Matt and learn more.


We need an average of six people to help set up and clean up after swim meets. Those parents usually need to be available about an hour before and an hour after the meet.

Swimmer Line-Up

Two people are needed to assure that swimmers make it to their events. Monitor the events and use the heat sheet to assist coaches in gathering swimmers.  

Team Area Supervisor

Two people are needed to supervise the area where swimmers sit between events and to occasionally check the locker rooms to ensure safety and proper behavior. This duo works with the volunteers who handle Swimmer Line-Up.

Meet Computers

Get one of the best seats in the house! Our Meet Computer team is trained to assist with the timing console and laptop to run the meet. Training is provided and a long-term commitment is encouraged. Contact Coach Matt to get trained.


We need people to sort and organize awards after meets. Can be done during swim practice.


While we are guests at away meets, there are times when the home team may ask for extra help with timing and other simple jobs. 


Gear Sales

We sell gear at the start of the season to help promote team spirit and unity. While orders are handled online, we need help distributing the orders. Volunteers meet once in Blue Hill for 3-4 hours to sort products by order. Training is provided. 


We utilize more than a dozen volunteers during our annual lap-a-thon. During the event, volunteers help with set-up, check-in, counting laps, and other help tasks. Additional tasks that require event planning and logistics take place between October and December. Learn more about our annual event.


A team with two pools means that meets can be the only time some swimmers see each other.  Starting in the 2022-2023 season we are hoping to organize a couple of events that bring our swimmers together to connect and have some fun!