Why does PPSC need fundraising?
Bathing suit and towel and you're ready to go, right? Well, not exactly. 

The team has various expenses throughout the year that include items such as coaches salaries, certification and training, travel expenses, lifeguards, pool equipment, insurance, and especially pool rental costs. Our primary source of funding for the Porpoises is through swimmer tuition. At the same time, we strive to make PPSC swimming an affordable experience for all families. Our tuition structures are very low compared to most other sports and recreational activities. In fact, PPSC is competitive when compared to other swimming clubs in the area. 

In order to continue to provide quality instruction and still maintain a reasonable fee structure, we need to subsidize our team through fundraising. This requires us to ask all our parents and swimmers to participate in our fundraising efforts. Your help and support is vital to the team.

What types of fundraising does PPSC do?
Porpoises are planning several events over the season to raise money for the team. Our bigger commitments are to host the Candy Cane meet in December and we also run a USA Swimming Swim-A-Thon event in the fall. Many opportunities are available for parents, grandparents, and others to make our fundraising fun and successful! It takes about 50 volunteers to run a meet so we often ask parents to commit to a role (officiating, timing, working the admissions desk or concession stand, etc.) during the day. 

How can I help?
As a parent-run organization, we can all appreciate that everyone has multiple demands on their time. Swimming is a time commitment not only for our swimmers, but for the parents too. Our club relies on our wonderful group of volunteers for so many things. However, fundraising is one way in which parents and swimmers can come together and help keep the club operating smoothly. In order to reach our fundraising goals we need the participation of EVERY parent and swimmer on the team. You can help by actively participating in our fundraising events and encouraging others to help too. It's a great way to interact with other swimmers and parents, and support the team. Besides, you might just have fun! Keep an eye out for the various fundraisers throughout the year. They will be announced in emails, on the website, Facebook and pool bulletin boards. Our fundraising activities will require support from everyone on our team. 

You can also Contact Us to share ideas for fundraising or to participate as a member of the fundraising committee. If you are a business or other organization that is willing to contribute funding or in-kind products and services, please visit our Sponsorship page for more information. 

Your help and support is expected, encouraged, and so very much appreciated!