The Portland Porpoise Swim Club (PPSC) was formed by the City of Portland Recreation Department in the fall of 1989 as a program within the Aquatics Division. Since then it has become a private swim club run by a committed and energetic parent board. The Porpoises aim to provide the most extensive competitive programming in the area, with a swim club that offers a foundation of success for every child, both in and out of the water. 

Our youngest swimmers learn basic movements in the water such as body position and essential elements of legally performing the four competitive strokes, and enjoy the fun of team membership. Developing positive social skills, good sportsmanship, and fostering a love of swimming are a few of the intangible skills learned in this group as well. Once these skills become honed, they then begin to compete in local competitions in Maine. 

From this point our swimmers then transition into a more competitive group where they learn to apply the basic skills accrued at the initial level of the club. Swimmers in this second tier of the Porpoise club begin to master the skills of all four competitive strokes, body position, and pace clock utilization. 

After successfully completing the initial levels of the program, the swimmer then moves into the upper levels of the program that demand a heavier practice workload that is designed to prepare them to compete at local and statewide levels, and beyond. Swimmers in this group focus on developing a level of aerobic fitness that will prepare them for continued progress and success at the highest levels of the club. 

Our elite groups focus on racing strategy, training ownership, and advanced training techniques. These groups are designed for the committed, older, and mature athletes that seek to take their level of personal competition to their highest level possible. 

Many of our high school athletes choose to represent their school on swim teams. Our athletes have won Maine State Championships and are preparing for swimming at regional, collegiate, national, and international levels. PPSC has sent countless swimmers to college on full scholarships (both athletic and academic) and one to the Olympics! Three time Olympian Ian Crocker grew up swimming with the Porpoises and still holds numerous PPSC and Maine Swimming records.

If you have questions about joining PPSC, please contact Head Coach Matt Baxter.