In the last 10 years, over 65% of graduating Portland Porpoises have gone on to swim in college. Below is a list of our alumni, where they went to high school, where they attended college and if they swam (which is noted by the italics). 


Rami Bjotvedt, Kennebunk HS - University of Rhode Island

Jack Bonney, Portland HS - University of Pittsburgh

Ali Bragg, Cape Elizabeth HS - Drexel University

Kiron Das, Baxter Academy - Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 

Yandy Placeres, Scarborough HS - St. Thomas University


Morgan Porter, Scarborough HS - Bates College

Zoe Siegel - Yarmouth HS - Brown University

Dennis Slobodzian, Baxter Academy - University of Maine


Mae Causey, Falmouth HS - Colgate University

Ryanne Cox, Scarborough HS - Lehigh University

Emily Ecker, Cape Elizabeth HS - University of Wisconsin

Jack Martin, Cheverus HS - Manhattan College

Ethan Mutrie, Scarborough HS - College of Holy Cross

Trevor Parenteau, Scarborough HS  - Grinnell College


Kenzie Charest, Scarborough HS - University of New England

Sam Curtis, Scarborough HS - Grinnell College

Ava Giaquinto, Portland HS, - Ithaca College

Brayden Gilbert, South Portland HS - University of Maine, Orono

Jade Lindenau, Cape Elizabeth HS - University of Michigan

Phineus Underwood, Cheverus HS - Wheaton College


Reed Foehl, Portland HS - Bowdoin College

Kristina McCarthy, South Portland HS

Sophie Chase, South Portland HS - Worcester Polytechnic Institute ​


Ana Neff-Jendrasko, Maine Girls Academy - Florida Atlantic University​

Sarah Beretich, Greely HS - Catholic University

Shane Moore, Cheverus HS - B​ates College

Ben Tompkins, Cheverus HS - ​Rochester Institute of Technology

Kiera Macwhinnie, Waynflete HS - Washington & Jefferson College

Lauren Girard, Cheverus HS - Champlain College

Booway Bikales, Falmouth HS - Ithaca College

Wyeth Spike, Casco Bay HS - Wagner College


Kevin Kane, Cheverus HS - Marist/University of Maine, Orono

Jacob Griffin, Cheverus HS - Providence College

Kate Pontius, Casco Bay HS - University of Maine, Orono

Alex Mukai, Cape Elizabeth HS - Brown

Michael O'Donovan, Cheverus HS - Marist

Hwanhee Park, Greely HS - Brandeis

Sofie DeOliveira, Deering HS - Worcester Polythecnic Institute


Tony Penk, Cheverus HS -

Madeline Winkeler, Falmouth HS - James Madison University

Mariantha Cala, Deering HS - University of Maine, Orono


Lucas Adair, Deering HS - University of Maine, Orono

Sofia Canning, Waynflete HS - Dickinson College

Amelia Deady, Waynflete HS - Amherst College

Eric Delmonte, Deering HS - Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University/University of Maine, Orono

Emma Pontius, Casco Bay HS - University of Maine, Orono

Ellen Silk, Waynflete HS - Colorado College

Alex Tucci, Deering HS - University of Maine, Orono


Jessica Blake, Deering HS - Plymouth State University


Olivia Pickering, Cheverus HS - Saint Joseph's College


Aoife Ryle, McAuley HS - University of Maine, Orono


Djordje Mandich, Deering HS - Regis College

Jacob Powers, Deering HS - University of Vermont

*Italic denotes swims/swam collegiately