Why does PPSC need corporate sponsors?
As a private, non-profit organization, PPSC relies on many different sources of income to fund its daily operations. PPSC is run primarily through the donation of time and resources from many generous individuals and sponsors. Our primary source of income is through swimmer tuition fees. At the same time, we strive to make PPSC swimming an affordable experience for all families. In order to provide that level of commitment, we need to subsidize our activi-ties by reaching out to the community for support.

What is the money used for?
Swimming is not an inherently expensive sport. Bathing suit and towel and you’re ready to go, right? Well, not exactly. The team has various expenses throughout the year that include items such as coach certification and training, travel expenses, lifeguard costs, insurance, and especially pool rental fees. Swimmers and their families incur expenses for equipment (suits, goggles, fins, kickboard, etc…,) USA Swimming registration fees, entry fees, travel expenses, and tuition. Examples of what your donations are used to:

  • Help pay for travel costs to state, regional, and national meets

  • Defer individual equipment costs & meet entry fees

  • Subsidize coach certification and ongoing training

How does my business benefit?
In return for your generosity, we would like to offer you a few tangible benefits in return. These include:

  • Logo ad and reciprocal link on PPSC website

  • Logo in our home meet programs

  • Individual recognition at our events

Most of all we hope you feel a sense of satisfaction for contributing to a group that promotes children's health and supporting kids that are trying to better themselves as swimmers and members of the community. Ultimately, the money is to support them and their dreams.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Bronze Sponsor—$250.00

  • Quarter Page Advertisement in home meet program

Silver Sponsor—$500.00

  • Half Page Advertisement in home meet program

Gold Sponsor—$1,000.00

  • Half Page Advertisement in home meet program

  • Logo and reciprocal link on PPSC website

In-Kind Sponsor—Donation of Goods or Services

  • Benefits proportionate to value of goods or services donated

  • Special announcement and highlight at home meet

PPSC is a non-profit organization under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service code. As such, your charitable contributions may be tax deductible. Please consult your tax attorney for further clarification.

How Do I Become a Sponsor?
Please contact PPSC President for information. We look forward to you being a part of our team!