Equipment by Training Groups
In addition to goggles and a water bottle, each swimmer is required to bring their own equipment to use at practice (based on their practice group). The following equipment can be found in our Gear Store, Amazon and other retailers:


  1. Rubber fins
  2. Kick board
  3. Pull buoy (DOLPHIN-Challenge swimmers only)


  1. Rubber fins
  2. Kick board
  3. Pull buoy
  4. Hand paddles
  5. Snorel 
  6. Finis tempo trainer (NOR'EASTER-Elite swimmers only)

Remember, please bring a water bottle to practice so you stay hydrated!

Each swimmer is required to wear a PPSC cap and either a PPSC team suit or technical suit (for 12&O swimmers) when competing in a meet. The 2021-2023 team suit is the Arena Kikko suit in Navy. You receive 20% off this Arena suit (and Arena gear/apparel) when purchased through our Gear Store.

We order personalized PPSC caps in September but regular PPSC caps (without a swimmer's name) can be purchased any time during the year, while supplies last. Please contact Karin Tonello at [email protected]

Team Apparel:
Show your team spirit on the deck and in the stands. You can purchase PPSC branded gear (t-shirts, parkas, swim bags, hoodies, etc.) and team suits on our website. Simply click on the Gear Store tab. When you shop through our Gear Store on, 8% of sales come back to PPSC! Last season, the club received over $1,000 in commissions, which we put toward team shirts.

Any questions about our team suit, apparel or equipment should be directed to Karin Tonello at [email protected].