SSC Covid Weekly Dryland Challenge (Week 1)

Aaron Rog

Hello SSC Swimmers and Families,

I have created a SSC Covid Weekly Challenge to help us all keep in shape during our time away from the pool. I hope it will help motivate some or all of you to be active. I know many of you are already doing excercise and that is awesome. If this workout is to easy or you are doing your own stuff, then KEEP IT UP!! As you tackle this challenge, please have someone take some pictures so we add them to our new and improved website!! Have fun, get outside and keep FIT!!! Next challenge will be added next Tuesday. I MISS YOU ALL, and if you need anything please do not hesitate reach out to me. SSC is a family and we are here for you!! Please watch the video linked below. It is me attempting to show what each of these exercises looks like. Enjoy!

2 x 15 min workouts this week to include:
3 x 10-15 second planks
3 x 5 burpees
3 x 5 streamline jumps
3 x 5 leg ups
3 x 10-15 second jumping jacks
3 x 10-15 wall sits
1 mile run or Run around your house 6-8 times