Nutrition Presentation for Swimmers 13 & Under

Seacoast Swim Club

Thursday, May 27th @ 6:30pm - Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist, Dee Madore, is presenting Nutrition for the Youth Swimmer.  This presentation is exclusively for Seacoast Swim Club and ideal for swimmers aged 13 & Under. Dee will focus on how to establish a strong foundation of year-round, healthy eating habits.  She will help swimmers and their parents understand how to fuel for swim practices as well as competition.  This program is sponsored by Seacoast Swim Club and there is no charge to attend.

Dee has many years of experience working with children and adults to improve their nutrition and relationship with food.  As luck would have it, sports nutrition is one of her favoriate subjects! As an avid athlete, Dee has participated in triathlons and has spent a considerable amount of time swimming in the pool and open water.  On top of all of these amazing talents, Dee is also the parent of a Seacoast swimmer.  

Seacoast is so excited to be able to offer this program to our athletes. We'll be sending out a zoom link soon!  In the meantime, please mark your calendars.