Westbrook Seals Pricing Structure Winter 2021

& Spring/Summer 2022


  • USA Swimming Registration Fee $77.00 per swimmer

  • Pool use seasonal fee $30.00

  • Monthly Dues vary depending on group placement


Seal Pups                        $85/month

Gold Group                     $120/month

Age Group                      $160/month 

PreSenior Group            $175/month

Senior Group                  $210/month

Performance                   $230/month 


Please Note: 

  • Training Group placements are decided by coaches. Please contact your athlete's coach directly with questions.

  • Multi-family Discount: if your family has more than one swimmer in the pool you will save 5% on the swimmer in the lower group.

  • Swimmers will not be able to suspend accounts during the season. This registration is for the Fall/Winter Season which runs from September 1st until April 11th and/or the Summer Season May through August 7th. Once a member has joined the team, he/she has joined for the season and will be billed accordingly (unless a medical note has been supplied stating injury/inability to swim).

Registration or billing questions? Please email us here.