Why Swimming?

Swimming is a very unique sport for kids.  Here are a few reasons why.

* Everybody plays!  There are no starters and subs in swimming.  Everyone gets to compete in meets. 

Teammates of all ages and genders!   The six year old is a teammate with the 18 year old and every age in between. This provides a wonderful opportunity for mentoring which is a fantastic opportunity for both the mentee and the mentor.  Boys and girls train together daily building an environment of mutual respect.

*  Improvement is easy to identify and quantify.  The clock doesn't lie and it has no bias.  Kids learn to identify the improvement on a daily basis.

* Builds self-esteem.  Because everyone participates and improvement is easy to identify, kids learn how their own actions lead to growth and improvement.  This is an important tool in building self-esteem.

A sport for lifetime.  Swimming is a sport that one can enjoy throughout their entire life.  It is also a great form of exercise.  

An important life skill.  Drowning is one of the leading causes of accidental death by children.  Knowing how to swim is important particularly in Maine where being on, in, or near the water is such a part of life.