Welcome to the Smoky Hill Sharks!

The Sharks encourage all swimmers to push their boundaries and try something new. 
IM Strong: This optional program encourages each swimmer to try all four (4) strokes (Free, Breast, Back and Butterfly) plus the IM (Individual Medley) once during the season.  A swimmer receives credit for legally swimming each stroke (any distance) and the Individual Medley in a meet environment. Swimmers have all season to accomplish the challenge! An IM Strong award is awarded to all swimmers who complete the program.
6 & Under Wonders.  In conjunction with the IM Strong program, 6 & Under swimmers can swim the three (3) 6 & Under events (Free, Back and Breast) and complete the 6 & Under Wonder program.  6 & Under swimmers can also participate in the IM Strong program by swimming the Butterfly & Individual Medley in the 8 & Under events. If interested please let your coach know when registering for a meet as they will have to register and swim the entire meet as an 8&U.
Progress towards these accomplishments are tracked in two ways: On the bulletin board on the right just as you enter the clubhouse (on pool side) and under the Results tab, 2021 IM Strong on the website.  Swimmers who complete these programs are also announced during Friday Fun Night.