Welcome to the Smoky Hill Sharks!

Junior Team Captains is a program that is designed to help mentor the future leaders of our team. It also helps get swimmers more involved with the team and is a great way to test the waters of being a Team Captain without as strict of a commitment. These volunteer coaches work directly with the coaching staff, providing help in the water during practices. The JTCs provide a safe environment for our swimmers and helps them get more attention on the details of their strokes.  This program is open to those 13 and older who are looking to be more involved in the team and would like to help work with the younger swimmers. We would like to see the swimmers in this program have a presence within the team and attend Friday Fun Nights/other team functions.

We really value this position on the team and want to continue to make this program grow. We are hoping to provide the JTCs with valuable life skills and show to be a leader in whatever capacity they choose. We would like to encourage them to sit with the coaches at the swim meets.

JTCs will be required to sign up for slots that they will participate in weekly. These slots will be held in the morning and evenings during the Tiger Sharks and Mini Sharks practice. We will accept a maximum of 18 Junior Team Captains.


  • Must be over the age of 13 years old on June 1st.
  • Will be required to be a Big Shark.
  • Must be willing to commit to 3 practices per week (Same days each week).
  • Available Friday mornings after practice to discuss improvements for the following week (Breakfast provided).
  • This is an in-water volunteer coaching position.
  • Email your application to [email protected] by May 1, 2022
  • We will be accepting a maximum of 18 Junior Team Captains this year.


  • Be at the pool 15 minutes before the start of assigned practice time.
  • Help Team Captains set up and tear down the pool. This includes putting in lane ropes, putting up flags, getting out the clock, white board, kick boards, and any other equipment you are asked to get. For tear down, putting away all items used and cleaning bathrooms.
  • This is an in-water position. You will be required to be in the water every day you are signed up for.
  • While in the water, your focus is on the swimmers, not your friends. Connect with the swimmers and teach them the correct way to swim. Focus should be on technique
  • Learn as much as you can from the lead coaches and team captains. Ask questions.
  • Be present at every Friday Morning and afternoon for fun night. Be ready to have fun and interact with the children.
  • Be a role model. At all times you are being watched and admired. You will be a leader and person the swimmers look to for guidance. Set a good example for your swimmers during practice.
  • Have fun. Be excited to be where you are and working with who you are.
  • Be fun, energetic, and positive at meets. Be present and engaged with the swimmers you work with. Check in and come hang out in the coaches’ tent, help finding swimmers and in the heating area when needed.