Welcome to the Smoky Hill Sharks!

Team Captains are swimmers on the team who will work alongside the coaches during practices and meets. Team Captains share the responsibilities of coaching and being a swimmer. These athletes have chosen to dedicate their time and effort to helping the team grow. Working alongside the coaches, they help at practice, teaching drills and running workouts. They also are required to be at all team events and meets. They are expected to be role models and leaders for the team. They have one of the most important and difficult positions on the team. 

This is considered a summer job and Team Captains are expected to treat it as such. Each Team Captain will have a schedule and set days that they are to be at practice. Meets and all team events are expected as well.


  • Must be over the age of 15 years old on June 1st.
  • Agreement to acquire and maintain active lifesaving certification, first aid, and CPR prior to the beginning of the season.
  • Will be required to be a Big Shark.
  • Will attend and swim at practices regularly, in addition to coaching.
  • Able to attend meets on Saturdays.
  • Available every Friday morning and afternoon.
  • Email your application to [email protected] by April 5, 2022



  • Be at the pool 15 minutes before the start of assigned practice time.
  • Set up and tear down the pool. This includes putting in lane ropes, putting up flags, getting out the clock, white board, kick boards, and any other equipment you are asked to get. For tear down, putting away all items used and cleaning bathrooms.
  • No phones, eating, or sitting while coaching
  • Learn as much as you can from the lead coaches. Ask questions.
  • Be present at every Friday Morning and afternoon for Fun Night. Be ready to have fun and interact with the children.
  • Be a role model. At all times you are being watched and admired. You will be seen as a leader and person the swimmers look to for guidance. Set a good example for your swimmers during practice.
  • Have fun. Be excited to be where you are and working with who you are.
  • Be fun, energetic, and positive at meets. Be present and engaged with the swimmers you work with. Organize heating area and find swimmers. Swim your races and be a humble competitor. Shake hands and set an example for our swimmers.