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2022 Smoky Hill Sharks  - MHSL Division A  - Swim Meet Schedule



   June 4 - @ Piney Creek (theme: Pajama Day)

   June 11 – HOST Tallyn's Reach (theme: College/Sports Team)

   June 18 – @ Cook Creek (theme: Superhero)

   June 25 – HOST Wheatlands (theme: 80's/Neon)

   July 2 – No meet, holiday weekend

   July 9 - HOST Stroh Ranch (theme: Patriotic)


Championship Week:

Championship week (after the 5th dual meet) starts with Prelim qualification swims at the beginning of the week, normally multiple days broken down by age groups, then followed by the Championship meet on Saturday. To qualify for Championships, for individual events only, a swimmer must have a prelim time in the top 16 for that event, plus two alternates are selected (18 total), assuming an 8 lane championship pool. Or top 12 for that event, plus two alternates are selected (14 total) for a 6 lane championship pool.

To enter for the prelims, each swimmer can select up to 3 events (same as a dual meet). The prelim meet dates are divided based on age groups and will be announced at a future date.

For Prelims, only individual events are swum, no relays, however there are relays during the Championship Meet.



          TUESDAY, July 12 @ Eagle Crest High School                                          Age groups:  U8, 13-14, 15-18

          WEDNESDAY,  July 13 @  Eagle Crest High School                                Age groups: 9-10 and 11-12



          July 16 - Piney Creek (theme: Smoky HIll Sharks Spirit)

All-Star Meet:

All-Stars is an invitational meet with time standards set by the Mountain Hi Swim League prior to the summer season starting. All swimmers who achieve the time standards are eligible to swim at All-Stars.

          July 23 – Lifetime Fitness Centennial