Welcome to the Smoky Hill Sharks!

Smoky Hill Sharks 2022 Volunteer Policy

Why is there a Volunteer Policy? For many years, Smoky Hill Sharks has had a reputation for running great swim meets. That would not be possible without all the help from our parent volunteers. Other than the coaches, the Smoky Hill Sharks swim team is run 100% with volunteers. By joining the team, it is understood that volunteering is mandatory. We believe in supporting our swimmers and providing them with the best possible swim meet experience.

What is the Volunteer Policy? Each family is responsible for volunteering at home meets, away meets, Prelims, Championships and/or All Stars. In addition, we require each family to volunteer at one “Social Activity” (Friday fun night, pancake breakfast, end of season party, swim-a-thon, etc.) during the season.

Families must work at least one shift during a swim meet (home or away) if a swimmer is participating in that meet. If you have more than one swimmer, you are NOT required to work multiple shifts. However, everyone is encouraged to pitch in and help when the need arises, even if you already met your assigned shift for that meet. Please note, working several shifts early in the season will not fulfill the volunteer requirements at later dates.

How is the Volunteer Policy Enforced? A $250 deposit check will be collected at the beginning of the season. No swimmer will be allowed to participate in any team function until it is collected. The check will be returned/destroyed at the end of season once all volunteer requirements have been met.

If you are unable to cover the shift(s) that you signed up for, YOU are responsible to find a replacement volunteer. All changes must be cleared by the Volunteer Coordinator. In the event your swimmer participates in a meet and the volunteer requirement is not met, your family must sign up for two shifts during the next HOME meet.

The volunteer check will be deposited after two missed volunteer opportunities. After three missed volunteer opportunities, your swimmer will not be allowed to compete in any upcoming meets. Offenders to the Volunteer Policy will not be permitted to return to the team in future seasons. Missed volunteer opportunities, and resulting missed meets, do not constitute a refund for registration fees.

What Volunteer Opportunities are Available? There are numerous ways to volunteer. Descriptions are found on our website: https://www.teamunify.com/team/mhshs/page/about/descriptions

Some volunteer positions require additional training, such as Stroke & Turn Judges. Please contact our Volunteer Coordinator to learn more.