The Allegan Tigershark Aquatics Club is a competitive youth aquatics program committed to providing programming for all individuals regardless of age and ability in the greater Allegan area.  ATAC has worked with over 1,300 swimmers.  Athletes who join ATAC not only benefit from the great exercise, but they also learn lifelong skills like discipline, accountibility, and teamwork.  There are NO regional requirements, NO practice requirements and NO competition requirements.  We encourage our swimmers to participate at the level that they desire.  To register, hover over the Tigershark Aquatics tab and click on the link to register for the session that you want.  Registration for Swimming is all done by clicking the appropriate session (i.e. Long Coure=spring/summer; Short Course= fall/winter)

Junior Tigershark

This level is primarily intended for 10 and younger just learning the stroke of competitive swimming.  Swimmers should be able to complete 25 yards of both freestyle and backstroke.  Improving free and back will be a focus, including flip turns and starts.  As the session progresses underwater dolphin kicking on front and back, the butterfly and breaststroke will be introduced.  Swimmers will also begin working on distances of 50 yards or more, and will eventually be swimming 200 yards freestyle and backstroke without stopping. These swimmers will compete in SWMSL meets.


Rising Tigershark

This group is for athletes primarily 12 and under and includes middle school swimmers.  This is a group for swimmers not quite ready to make the commitment necessary for the Intermediate group and who are mostly interested in getting exercise, staying in shape. Swimmers may choose to compete in SWMSL meets.  All four strokes, as well as dolphin kicking, will be worked on during practice. Participants in this group should have a basic understanding of comprehending the various distances of the pool (25, 50, 75, 100) and should be comfortable swimming at least 200 yards without stopping.

Intermediate Tigershark

This group is for age-group swimmers ages 10-14.  Swimmers should be legal in all four strokes and should be able to complete 10 x 50 on 1:10.  They are also expected to be able to do 10 x 100 free on 2:15 and 5 x 100 IM on 2:30.  Also, swimmers need to be able to read the pace clock correctly, remain attentive without distracting teammates and themselves during training, and follow /understand directions and sets without individual attention. Focus will be on improving technique, increasing the intensity of training, and working towards a much more competitive swimming environment, (USA Swimming). Training for all five 200 events will be emphasized as well. Special permission will be given for younger swimmers who are not only able to complete the above mentioned time standards, but who also demonstrate the cognitive ability and maturity necessary to benefit themselves and their teammates.  Competing at the SWMSL Meets is encouraged as well as registering with USA Swimming.

Advanced Tigershark: 

This group is also for age group swimmers 11-14 years old.  These swimmers will have already achieved several ‘B’ and ‘BB’ times in accordance with USA National Motivational Time Standards.  Training for the 200 events in all four strokes and IM plus the longer 500 free and 400 IM will be the focus of this training.  Proper technique will still be taught and drills will be a component of all training.  It is expected that athletes will be able to read the pace clock, have an expectation of hard work and attentiveness during training and be committed to competitive swimming.  Athletes should be able to complete 10 x 50 on 1:00 10 x 100 on 2:00 and 10 x 100 IM on 2:15. Longer sets of 200’s will be a part of this training, including race-pace training and anaerobic threshold sets.  A 15 minute dryland period is part of this training. Special permission may be granted to be a part of this group with the best interest of the athlete’s ability to participate at their level will be considered.  This includes the ability to follow directions, listen to the coaching staff and commitment to USA Swimming.

Senior Tigershark:

This group is intended for athletes 15 years old and older.  They should have achieved ‘BB’ times in more than two events/strokes.  The commitment at this level is attendance at all available practices (this will change as we begin to add additional practice times).  Swimmers in this group will be registered with USA Swimming and should expect to compete at JO’s, States (both HS and USA) and beyond. Continued work on training intensity, especially in all 200 events and 400 IM and distance freestyle will continue.  10 x 50 on :50 and 10 x 100 on 1:30 or faster is expected as well as 10 x 200 on 3:00. Swimmers will be expected to help lead a 15 minute dryland before this group and Gold get in the water.

Dryland Training:

Dryland training can vary, but will typically 

include weights, calisthenics and medicine ball activities.  Participants will need workout clothes, with shoes and socks, a yoga mat and a water bottle.    Tigershark Aquatics welcomes Barbera Kiley to run dryland on certain days.  One of the days is a yoga day, where athletes have the opportunity to work on flexibility and core strength.  The other is an agility training day, during which growing swimmers develop strength and muscular awareness.