Welcome to Tigershark Aquatics (ATAC).  Your desire to provide the most opportunity for your children is the reason why our organization exists.  We provide a safe, positive and educational environment in which all interested individuals are given the opportunity to develop their swimming.  ATAC stresses learning and refining sport-specific skills within the context of increasing the athleticism and level of fitness for every participant.  While individual progress is recognizable in practice settings, all team members are offered the opportunity to showcase these improvements in competitive settings as well.

            Our ultimate goal is to help children develop both as athletes and as people.  The club operates its programming with the belief that competitive swimming and competitive aquatics (diving) develops important life skills in ways that are unique to the sport, and that continued, dedicated participation aids in physical, social-emotional and academic development of youth-athletes.   We strive to meet each family’s expectations and serve athletes of all ages, ability levels and commitment levels.  Tigershark Aquatics, while being based at the Allegan Aquatic Center welcomes swimmers from all surrounding communities and seeks to broaden its membership’s geographical representation.  All swimmers and divers are welcome!

Organizational Structure:

As a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, the club is managed by a volunteer Board of Directors and exists as a separate entity from Allegan Public Schools.   The Board is responsible for the managing the business end of the Club’s operations, including budgeting, payroll, membership management and staffing.  The Board is also responsible for enlisting the volunteer help required to administer all of the events that the Club hosts. 

In addition to managing the club, the Directors are also members and parents on the team and like you, volunteer their time and efforts to provide the best possible experience for all participants.  They welcome all club members to contact them with any questions, comments or concerns at any time.  The Board maintains an email address and phone number that is checked by board members on a regular basis.

Board Email: [email protected]      

Board Phone: 616-706-3038

The Head Coach, with assistance from the Coaching Staff administers the day-to-day club activities and athlete interactions with the Club’s Mission, Vision and Values (below) guiding their decision-making.  Questions regarding athlete development, competition or practice scheduling, etc. should be directed to the Head Coach.


Current Head Coach: 


Mission Statement:

The mission of Tigershark Aquatics is to promote swimming in the greater Allegan area as a life-saving skill, a life-long fitness activity, an outdoor access skill, a foundational skill for participation in other aquatic sports and activities and a highly beneficial youth sport.  In addition, ATAC is committed to promoting the sport of diving as an equally valuable aquatic activity.  ATAC firmly believes that the dedicated pursuit of improved levels of physical fitness encourages and supports development of social, behavioral, and academic skills, and this belief is the foundation on which the team builds its programs and methodology.  ATAC and its community partners are committed to providing programming to all interested individuals regardless of age, ability level or ability to pay.

Vision Statement:

ATAC seeks to create a tradition of swimming excellence in Southwest Michigan as seen in greater competitive success on the local, state, regional, and national/international level.  By creating a safe, positive, and educational environment open to all interested individuals, ATAC strives to achieve higher levels of membership, greater socio-economic and cultural-ethnic representation, and more active participation from and recognition in the Allegan as well as southwest Michigan community.  ATAC looks to be at the forefront in helping Allegan, with a special focus on its youth, become an excellent example of a fit, healthy, happy, and long-lived community.

Values Statement:

  1. Hard work yields success.
  2. Improved levels of physical fitness, especially cardiorespiratory endurance, can improve cognitive ability and has been shown to help reverse the effects of such psychiatric disorders as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Depression.
  3. Rigorous exercise that allows one to challenge perceived physical or non-physical limitations builds self-confidence. 
  4. The resulting physical adaptations of rigorous physical exercise are the foundation on which improved performance in swimming and diving is based. 
  5. Creating a culture that values hard work, mental focus, and above-average levels of physical fitness is a necessary step in building future champions and championship teams at any level.
  6. Setting and pursuing high level goals stimulates beneficial physical and emotional changes.
  7. No other training is more valuable for improved performance in swimming and diving than deliberate practice in the water (or dryland for diving).  “Deliberate practice” means, mindful swimming and diving.
  8. A swimming pool is a valuable resource that should be fully utilized.  “A full pool is a good pool.”  It is understood that quality youth programming is more limited in terms of the available times that it can be offered than adult programming.
  9. Public school facilities belong to the communities in which they exist and should be accessible to all community members.
  10. Equity in opportunity for/ access to quality youth programming (for youth of all ages) is a ubiquitous feature among thriving communities.
  11. Competitive swimming is an excellent way for youth to develop cardiorespiratory endurance, total body muscular awareness, muscular strength, and competitive training mindsets.  These skills are all very transferable to other sports.  Youth are always encouraged to pursue the positive and beneficial activities that they most enjoy.
  12. High school competitive swimming and diving, while positive, is only one part of a broader competitive aquatic athlete’s environment.  Regional (multi-state) and national level competitiveness, in many cases demands year-round participation in a training program.  High school swimming should be a natural off-shoot of a more comprehensive youth swimming and diving program. 
  13. Easily-accessible, well-marketed and physically/ mentally engaging community programming is a critical aspect of a fit, long-lived and happy community.

* “programming” here is used to mean structured, goal-directed activities.