About Us:

Atlantis Swimming is a USA Swimming member club offering excellent coaching to aspiring swimmers of all levels in the Metro Detroit Area, including adult Masters swimmers. Led by Head Coach Johnny Austermann, Atlantis offers practice times 6 days per week year-round at locations in Birmingham, Ferndale, and Southfield, Michigan. Any child or adult that can swim 25 yards of freestyle is eligible to join our team. There are no tryouts, and we have training groups available with no minimum practice or meet attendance requirements. Through a time-tested goal-setting and training program, our coaches are equipped to help athletes meet their swimming goals at all levels. From improving for summer club and school swimming to reaching international competition levels, Atlantis can take you there! We value our memebers, families, staff and competitors. We will create a positive and encouraging environment.  We are committed to helping each athlete strive to achieve their full potential. We are honored you are considering Atlantis Swimming!  Work Hard, Dream Big!

OUR MISSION: Atlantis Swimming fosters life-long enjoyment of swimming and good sportsmanship by providing a developmentally-appropriate training program that emphasizes technique and fitness for athletes of all levels in a safe, healthy and positive environment.

Club Governance: The Club is committed to upholding the standards of “USA Swimming, Inc” and “Michigan Swimming, Inc” as they relate to competitive swimming. The team’s daily operations are managed by the Head Coach and Team Admin, and the club is governed by an elected volunteer Board of Directors in accordance with the Club’s Bylaws.  All Atlantis members are encouraged to support our swimmers and become involved in team activities and volunteer regularly as we strive to offer both cost-effective training and program excellence.