Philosophy and Overview: Swim meets are an important measure of a swimmer’s progress in the sport. Competing in a swim meet is the culmination of the hard work swimmers put in during weeks and months of practice sessions.  At the beginning of a swimmer's career, the focus should be on building perfect technique into every race.  It can take a year or two before a swimmer is ready to compete legally in meets, and that is okay!  Once they are ready, swimming in a meet allows swimmers to see their improvement and the results of all their training.


Atlantis Swimming follows a two season annual plan: Short Course Yards season (September through March) and Long Course Meters season (April through August).  Each season culminates with championship meets. Atlantis Swimming publishes a list of meets the Club will attend at the beginning of the short course and long course seasons. Meets are selected for the season to offer athletes at every level opportunity to race about once per month. Spacing meets out in this manner allows swimmers to improve skills and conditioning in preparation for their next meet performances. While other meets are hosted regularly throughout the area, the listed meets are those that our coaches have selected. Atlantis coaches will staff these meets. Schedules are posted on the team website.


It is recommended by the coaching staff that swimmers planning to participate in swim meets attend practice a minimum of three times per week. This allows swimmers the opportunity to be well prepared for the challenges of racing. At higher levels of racing (state, regional, national, and international), more practice sessions are recommended. If you are not sure whether your child is ready to swim in a meet, ask his or her coach. Coaches will provide additional direction on how meets that should be attended.