Deck Entry 101:


What is a Deck Entry?  

A Deck Entry is used when a swimmer did not register for a swim meet or swim event in advance and would like to register on the day of the meet for the meet and/or add an additional event to swim. The meet packet will tell you if deck entries will be allowed.  


Deck Entries are only accepted for the session that is about to occur.  For example, if it is a Friday pm session, only that Friday pm session’s events will be Deck Entered at this time.

Deck Entries are accepted on a first come, first served basis, provided there is still room in the session to accept Deck Entries. Meet sessions are usually limited to 4 hours.  If the 4 hour time block has been filled, no Deck Entries will be taken. However, sometimes if there are open lanes in the first heat, Deck Entries may be very limited to only be able to fill those spots.


When does Deck Entry occur?

Deck Entry is available (assuming the meet is not full) at each session of a meet. Deck Entry usually opens 15 minutes before the actual swimmer check-in opens and closes when the Regular Swimmer check-in closes. (Usually 15 minutes after official warm-up starts.)


Who is allowed to do the Deck Entry?  

A swimmer or their parent/guardian may submit the Deck Entry. Coaches are not allowed to submit Deck Entries.


What do you need to be prepared for a Deck Entry?

1. You will need to provide proof of the swimmer’s active USA swimming registration.

This can be done by printing a copy of the swimmer’s USA registration card (available for free) on the USA swimming website

Or provide verification with your phone using the USA Swimming Deck Pass app and show the swimmer’s membership card from your smart phone.


2. Bring CASH. Deck Entries always cost more than the general event entry fees paid when signing up for a meet in advance.  (Note: Some clubs will allow a check to be written, but most meets such as Districts and above usually request CASH ONLY.)


Time Trials at a USA Swim meet:

The Deck Entry process is also used when a swimmer wants to swim a Time Trial at a swim meet. However, the time cut-off for entering for a Time Trial is usually announced overhead during a meet. Therefore, have proof of membership and cash on hand if you think a Time Trial may be done.