Atlantis Swimming Lessons

Howdy Parents! 


This is where you register your swimmer for Evaluations, Lessons, Individual Workout Swims, Clinics, and some Practices.


The best way to schedule your swimmer is by setting the program filter above to the program you want (Workout Swims or Practices etc.) and then after dropping down that programs menu with all the open classes and setting the Class Filter to the day your looking to schedule on. Weird quirk, you have to hit All Programs in the program filter to get back to seeing both if you're trying to jump from one program to another...sorry it's the system!


If you need to cancel your registration please email Cheryl - [email protected] You'll receive a full refund with more than 24 hours advance notice of any cancellation.



For Bronze/Speedster ONLY until 4/1.

Each stroke is recorded and evaluated against the swimmers group evaluation.

Swimmers receive a filled out evaluation posted in the Evaluation tab in the Swimmers tab our main page.
20 min Evals are offered:

Friday 3-6pm

Do not worry about missing practice to be at your Eval.

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Workout Swims

35 minute stroke number and heart rate based workouts where coaches emphasize technique during rest efforts. swimmers are in their own individual pool and strict covid-19 protocol are in place for movements through the tweak building

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