Safety Meeting

·     2 Females and 2 Males will be assigned to walk through the locker rooms to check the condition of the toilets and general conditions of the area – you must go together

·     Make sure the swimmers are soaking wet or they are not allowed on deck – send them back if they are not

·     No diving in the warm down pool - this is potentially a disqualification from the entire meet as well as a safety hazard

·     Enforce general pool safety – no running, pushing, or horseplay on deck; if this behavior persists contact a coach, Lead Safety (in pink vest) or meet director

·     Make sure garbage is being picked up and placed in the appropriate place

·     Know who is in charge of your shift – identified by pink vest

·     Know where AED is in case of an emergency

·     Do not leave your post unless asked to do so by safety lead

·     Do not leave your shift early, unless a replacement has been identified

·     Report any injuries to the lead safety coordinator

·     Stay away from the blocks

·     No one is allowed on deck without proper identification including coaches and officials

·     Enforce restroom / locker room rules - no adults are allowed in restroom/locker rooms except for the 2 assigned individuals, no exceptions

·     No photographers between the flags and the blocks

·     Keep cell phone use to a minimum

·     Remember you are representing Atlantis - let's keep everyone safe