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See the team calendar for a complete practice and meet schedule HERE.


Parents meeting: Friday, August 6, 5pm

1st practice: Monday, August 9th



Parents Meeting: Thursday, November 18

1st practice: Monday, November 22



Our Values:



Our Purpose:

The first goal of our program is to help our student-athletes develop character skills through education-based athletics.

The second goal of our program is to create an enjoyable and memorable experience for our student athletes.

The third goal of our program is to help our student-athletes understand and achieve their true potential.


It is the athlete’s choice to participate. By choosing to participate the athlete AND family agree to the terms of this commitment.

The following minimum requirements will be in place for an athlete’s participation in this program:

Swimming: Be able to complete the full workout

Diving: be willing to complete a 6 dive list.

Finally, these expectations apply to everyone regardless of swimmer, diver, first-year participant, or state qualifier.

Here are some key team rules you should be aware of before committing to participate in this team:

  • Practices: ALL practices are required! This is a varsity sport where consistancy plays a key role in the success of the team and the athlete.
  • Academic tardiness or absencesAn email from the teacher prior to or when arriving at practice is required.
  • Other tardiness or absences (non-illness related)An email from a parent or guardian is required prior to the absence. 
  • SicknessA return to practice from a ‘normal’ sickness must be accompanied by an email from a parent or guardian.
  • Limited participation: The coach MUST be notified in writing by a physician or trainer of any physical limitations an athlete has due to a past or present injury. This note must have specifics regarding limitations in regards to swimming or diving, length of limitation, and release date. I will not accept “when the athlete feels they can”.
  • Early dismissalMust be accompanied by an email from a parent or guardian PRIOR to leaving.

Athletes will be given opportunities to make up missed practice times ON THEIR OWN TIME when available and practical.


Attendance and being a valuable teammate are the two key attributes of a varsity athlete. If you show commitment to your team and complete the season you will receive a varsity letter. Varsity letter qualifying times can be found HERE


This is a TEAM sport and ALL individuals are important to the team. Understand your commitment to the team when choosing to be a part of the team. You are no longer the most important thing…the TEAM is.

ALL meets are required!

Only academic and family emergencies will be considered for excusable absences from your obligation to the team and meet participation.

Athletes not participating due to entry limitations are excused from that particular meet. If they do attend they are expected to support and perform as if they were participating.

All athletes are required to ride school-provided transportation.

No one will be permitted to leave an activity early unless given prior authorization from the Head Coach.

No athlete will be permitted to ride home with a parent or guardian without prior written consent.

ALL athletes are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner at all contests. Failure to do so will result in immediate disciplinary action.

State Meet: Only qualified, participating athletes will travel with the team and be permitted on the deck of the state meet.

Meet Participation:

  • Line-ups will be made based on the needs of the team first not the individual.
  • ALL championship meet relays will be made up of the best possible combination to achieve the greatest success by the team. NO ONE is above the team and all are replaceable.
  • No one regardless of team stature, speed, the potential for speed, or past performance is irreplaceable.