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Level 1 is our introduction to swimming lessons class. Here, children will learn water basics (floating, kicking, implementing arms to support treading water independently). We recommend Level 1 to swimmers just beginning to learn to swim as well as those who need additional exposure to gain confidence and comfort in the water to swim independently.

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Level 2 introduces competitive freestyle and backstroke.

Level 2 is recommended for children just gaining independence and confidence in the water. In this level, children will also build off of their back and stomach floats as well as kicking from level one to support the arm movements for backstroke and freestyle.

Acquired Skills

-Swimming without the use of floatation aid
-Streamlined body position
-Introduction to opposing arms used in Freestyle and rotary breathing
-Competitive backstroke with opposing arm strokes
-Treading water

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Level 3 combines the learned skills from levels 1 and 2 and works to refine freestyle and backstroke through drills and more hands off instruction.

Level 3 is recommended for swimmers who can swim at least 15 yards without aid. Students will also learn elementary backstroke providing them a foundation for competitive breaststroke. Additionally, dolphin kick will be introduced and butterfly if time permits.

Acquired Skills

� Perfecting freestyle and backstroke strokes
� Proper breathing technique in combination with freestyle
� Combining arms and leg movements for breaststroke
� Learning dolphin kick
� Introduction to butterfly
� Treading water

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For Information on Swim Lessons, Email Lauren Hoekstra- [email protected]