Here are instructions for how parents can subscribe to the swim calendar, which will enable parents to see the schedule next to their personal calendar either on a computer or within the google calendar app.
1. Have a personal google account.
1. On a computer (the setup can't be done on a mobile device), log in to google calendar.
2. On the left side, next to "Other Calendars", hit the + (Add Other Calendars) button.
3. Select the "Subscribe to Calendar" option.
4. Enter " [email protected]". This will add the "USA Swimming" Calendar to the "Other Calendars" list and allow its events to be viewed next to your personal calendar.
5. Optional: On the left hand side, hover over the USA Swimming calendar, select the 3 vertical dots and change the display color for the calendar (BC orange recommended!) for easy viewing against a personal calendar.
6: Optional: Install the google calendar app on a mobile device for easy viewing on the go.