Registration is OPEN for returning members only.

We will reopen to NEW members in September 2023

Please register for the group that was emailed to you (returning members) or the group your swimmer was placed into at an evaluation night (new members). A water evalauation is MANDATORY before new members register. These are now CLOSED, but you can use the "Contact Us" Button to get on our waiting list. 

 The new registration system USA Swimming has moved towards is new for all of us, if you notice any issues or have any questions please email one of the board members or use the contact us button.


All Blue, Green, Bronze, Silver and Platinum swimmers must be registered with USA Swimming to attend practice. If you have issues registering for your USA Swimming account please email us. Check your emails, our Facebook and Instagram for updates.


In order to have a successful 2022-2023 Short Course Season, we need a few things from you! Show up to practice on time and prepared. You WILL see improvement if you put in the effort.

"It's not what you do, it's how you do it"

~New Swimmers~

Use the "Contact Us" button to schedule a water evaluation. We will be doing water evaluations occasionally throughout the season, as space is available. 

~سباحون جدد~
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